Davidson Friends Meeting
Public Use Information and Rules

The Davidson Friends Meetinghouse may be used by individuals or groups who are pursuing goals consistent with the values and testimonies of Friends. For information contact the scheduler, Jan Blodgett (704-575-1572, [email protected]) or Rebecca Ruhlen (704-895-1131, [email protected]).

Please make reservations for use at least one month but not more than six months in advance.


• $25 for front entry hall and small classrooms

• $50 for committee room and fellowship hall

• $125 for entire building including the meetingroom

• Donations are for 4-hour increments

• Security deposit, if required, of $50 for front spaces, $100 for larger spaces—to be returned once the key is returned and meetinghouse is determined to be in good condition.

• User must have own insurance and must provide a certificate of insurance naming the Davidson Friends Meeting as an additional insured. Please attach the certificate of insurance to the contract. If User has no insurance, the User is financially responsible for any damage and cleaning, and if required, the security deposit will be double.

All areas of the building are wheelchair accessible.


Davidson Friends Meeting only has volunteer help. The success of our Meetinghouse Use Program depends on your cooperation. Please share the following rules with others in your group.

No Alcoholic Beverages are permitted, unless you have received special permission.

No Gambling or games of chance are permitted.

No Pets are allowed in the meetinghouse or on the grounds. Service animals are permitted.

No Smoking is permitted in the building or on the grounds.

No Food or Drinks are permitted in areas with wall-to-wall carpeting.

All Candles and candleholders must be approved before use.

No Fires, scented candles, smudging or incense.


Children must be supervised at all times to prevent accidental injuries or damage to property. Toys may be used, but please return them to their places. Please do not use our art supplies.


Nothing may be attached to the walls or furniture with tacks, staples, tape or any material that may mar the surface.

Flyers or other advertisements of a group’s event held at the meetinghouse should in no way suggest that the event is sponsored by Davidson Friends, unless official sponsorship has been obtained. Flyers and other advertisements may say that Davidson Friends Meeting is hosting the event. Such a designation may be necessary for groups without insurance.


Our kitchen is not a commercial grade kitchen and therefore may not be used for any purpose requiring a commercial grade facility. The kitchen may be used for making tea and coffee and reheating or storing small amounts of food. You may use our dishes, but must wash and return them to their places. Please do not use our disposables or anything you cannot clean before you leave.


Leave the meetinghouse and grounds at least as clean as you found them. Cleanup is expected within the time reserved. Paper garbage should be placed in the kitchen garbage can. Any food garbage should be collected in your own bag(s) and taken away (or placed in our black garbage bin, which is outside the meetinghouse).


All exterior doors and windows must be locked when you leave the building. Once outside the building, make sure all doors that have been used are effectively locked.


Neighborhood street parking is available where permitted. Parking in the Davidson Elementary School parking lot along the fence is permitted when the lot is not being used by employees or parents.


(Approved 2/10/2019)

Davidson Friends Meeting seeks to convey our core values to community members and organizations who may use our building. We share this in the interest of transparency and witness to our own faith and culture as a Meeting. Individuals within the Meeting may not subscribe to each of these items as written; like Quakers elsewhere, we do not have a single creed. Likewise, groups using our building may not agree with every stance listed here, but their core purpose should not be directly at odds with any of them.

As a community we:

1. Seek spiritual growth and transformation through silent waiting workshop and inspired messages of faith.

2. Care deeply about living lives of integrity.

3. Seek to avoid excess consumption and to live simply.

4. Value, practice, and promote environmental sustainability.

5. Oppose violence, especially war, and support peaceful resolution of conflict.

6. Seek to embody and promote equal rights and social justive within our meeting and in the world.

7. Support marriages and committed partnerships that are loving and healthy, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

8. Seek to actively welcome and love everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, wealth, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability status, or family circumstance.

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