Davidson Friends Meeting

Davidson Friends Meeting has approved the following minute on membership.

1. The Davidson Friends Meeting is a community of faith open to the leadings of a Divine Presence that goes by many names such as the Inner Light, the Spirit of Christ, the Living God, and the Guide.

2. When an attender becomes a member, he or she is making a personal and public commitment to seeking and being attentive to the Divine Presence. She or he also makes a commitment to remain part of the Meeting even if the Meeting appears not to be functioning in a way he or she wants. A member commits to nurturing the Meeting by helping with the work of the Meeting through committees, by attending Meeting for Worship and Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, and by supporting the meeting financially, as the person is able.

3. When an attender becomes a member, she or he can expect the Meeting to nurture her or his spiritual needs, which requires the individual to express those needs. Allowing the Meeting to help can sometimes leave one feeling somewhat vulnerable or challenged. The Meeting commits to a loving and caring relationship with the individual in accepting a request for membership.

Approved 25 third month, 2007

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