Index of Articles on Peace

156: Speaking Truth to Trauma, by Loren Cobb

"Persistent news reports of rapes, torture, and war atrocities perpetrated by American soldiers in Iraq continue to bring us enormous pain and sadness. The facts and rumors filtering out of Iraq are sickening, but I believe there is an alternative to yet another round of blame and guilt, of angry defense and deadpan denial. It concerns trauma. This is a very personal letter, on a matter with which I have too much experience..." [5 Apr 07]

137: Fortress America, by Loren Cobb

"As the embassy vehicle speeds through the crowded streets of Lima, I look to the east, towards the dusty foothills of the Andes. The view seems strangely distorted, the buildings and street signs undulating slowly as I move my eyes. What on earth? I reach out and touch the glass of the window, and the realization dawns that each window is fitted with a thick layer of bulletproof glass..." [21-Nov-05]

120: Military Futures in Latin America, by Loren Cobb

"There is no 'typical' Latin American military, but it is quite clear that none of them resemble the US military. Let me try to paint a picture...." [2-May-05]

110: The Path to a Durable Peace, by Loren Cobb

"In my experience with the Third World, which began as a young boy living near a refugee camp in Lahore, Pakistan, peace is seldom threatened by military war between nations, even though these wars receive the most attention in history. The absence of peace is, instead, ..." [20-Oct-04]

96: Conscientious Objector in World War II, by Jack Powelson

"I took my physical exam in 1943, to see if I was fit for civilian public service as a conscientious objector. I presented my papers to the receptionist sergeant..." [15-Feb-04]

70: The American Empire, Part 2, by Jack Powelson

"If others can see what happens when a tiny state goes against the wishes of the great American Empire, they will think twice before attempting anything similar..." [31-Mar-03]

69: The American Empire, Part 1, by Jack Powelson

"In the New York Times Professor Michael Ignatieff of Harvard tells his readers that the United States is now the first power to oversee a world empire..." [21-Mar-03]

65: Violence for a 'Good Cause'? by Jack Powelson

"Four members of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) have just been sentenced for the murder of Myrna Opsal in a bank the SLA was robbing to finance its war against racism..." [21-Feb-03]

41: Palestine and Israel, by Jack Powelson

"Ariel Sharon has just declared that Israel is at war after the suicide bombing of March 31, just as George Bush declared the United States at war after September 11. Neither needed the approval of the legislature..." [3-Apr-02]

27: Pacifism in the Face of Terror, Part 3, by Jack Powelson

"I believe that whoever is a conscientious objector when his or her country is at war ought to have an alternative plan — something beyond 'Don't bomb Afghanistan.' Pacifism means 'to make peace,' from the Latin pax (peace) and facere (to make). I emphasize the 'make' ..." [5-Nov-01]

25: American Imperialists, by J. D. von Pischke

"Little by little, through peaceful official intervention and through military adventures the West, with the US at the top of the pile, has made extraterritoriality a reasonable proposition in the popular mind here at home..." [11-Oct-01]

24: Why Do They Hate Us? by Jack Powelson

"Long before the tragedy of September 11, I have been aware that we are hated all over the world..." [3-Oct-01]

23b: Myths and Misunderstandings, by Janet Minshall

"Often anti-development activists speak out harshly about the need to preserve 'traditional beliefs, values and practices' in other societies. We have to decide, however, whether we can support those traditional beliefs, values and practices if they involve the subjugation of one group or sex by another..." [24-Sep-01]

23a: Pacifism in the Face of Terror, Part 2, by Jack Powelson

"Those who call us 'The Great Satan" generally do not understand the values of Western society — freedom of speech, democracy, freedom to travel, and the rest. We encourage this misunderstanding when..." [24-Sep-01]

22: Pacifism in the Face of Terror, Part 1, by Jack Powelson

"Why do I feel more strongly about the Terror of September 11 than I did about Hitler's concentration camps? Not knowing about them in 1941 is no excuse. I feel more strongly because..." [17-Sep-01]

12: Trade Engenders Trust, by Jack Powelson

"A strange thing happened in the New York Times of May 15. It reported on Kunshan, a town that Taiwan had built in China, as follows..." [28-May-01]

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