An Index of Articles on Globalization

127: Globalization of Crime: The Case of El Salvador, by Loren Cobb

"If you travel south through Mexico, along the Pacific coast, you will pass through the Mayan province of Chiapas and into the highlands of Guatemala. The next stop south is the tropical paradise known as El Salvador, a small but beautiful nation of cloud forests and volcanos, white beaches and green mountains..." [17-Jul-05]

121: Globalization and the World's Poor, by Janet Minshall

"Globalization and its proponents are widely mistrusted and their achievements denied and denounced. Some vocal representatives of the labor movement have said that any production done outside the US or Europe which is provided at lower than US or European wages amounts to exploitation..." [20-May-05]

87: The Product Cycle and Globalization, by Jack Powelson

"When I was in grad school over fifty years ago, the product cycle was a hot topic for economic history. This cycle is the way products are initiated in one country but then spread to the rest of the world. It stands at the basis of economic development..."

84: Is the European Union a Good Model? by Jack Powelson

"What are the problems? The first lies in agricultural subsidies. The EU spends over half its budget subsidizing its farmers. These subsidies have caused European farm exports to outcompete those of less developed countries in world trade..."

51: The Great Ship, by Jack Powelson

"Once upon a time a great ship plied the oceans. Resplendent in their glittering uniforms, the officers occupied the top deck. They ate gourmet foods and drank expensive wines in their luxurious dining room, served by a waitstaff dressed in livery..."

46: Slavery and the Mystery of Capital, by Jack Powelson

"The greatest imperialists of twenty centuries were Rome, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Ottoman Turkey, Mongolia, the Incas, the Aztecs, and the Islamic countries. None of these experienced an industrial revolution. Britain and France were also imperialists and slave holders, but to a much lesser degree. Rather, their wealth correlates more closely with inventiveness, innovation, and trade..."

43: The Commanding Heights, by Jack Powelson

"When Lenin introduced the New Economic Policy in the Soviet Union in 1921, he declared that the 'commanding heights' (large-scale industry, foreign trade, banking, and transport) would be managed by the state..."

38: Should the Rich Take Jobs from the Poor? by Jack Powelson

"Jasmine rice is one of the most sought after strains of rice in the world and is grown by over five million families in Thailand, many of whom are in debt and very poor..."

20: The International Monetary Fund, by Jack Powelson

"Back in 1950, the gag was "How do you get to Washington?" Answer: "Go to Harvard and turn left." So I did just that..."

17: The World Trade Organization, by Jack Powelson

"Misinformation about the WTO that is currently making the rounds claims that..."

8: Protesting Globalization, by Jack Powelson

"We stood in a friendship circle, about fifty of us, arms intertwined, and singing. It was a high school institute of international affairs..."

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