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All donations must be in useable condition.
See Info - Reuse for where to take, more info
Broadmead Tag sale - Check with Shelley about items
Thrift Stores Goodwill Salvation Army Scrap4Art ReStore Mathilda Humane Society NPR Discover Books
Acetate x
Air Conditioners x
Antiques x x x
Appliances, small x x x
Beads x
Bicycles (also Bike Toledo, The Wheelhouse in Lima) x x
Blankets x x x
Boats x
Books** x x x x
Bottle Caps - Metal x
Bubble wrap x x
Building materials x
Burlap Remnants or Bags x
Buttons x
Cabinet knobs x
Canvases x
Cardboard Tubes x
Carpet Scraps x
Cars x x x***
Cat food,accessories x
CDs & Cases (for art) x
CDs, music x x x
Ceramic Tiles x
Cigar Boxes  x
Clothes & Accessories x x x
Coffee Cans with Lids x
Computer monitors x* x
Computers x* x
Copiers x x
Corks x
Costume Jewelry x x x x
Craft supplies x x x x
Crayons x
Decorations x x x
Dishwashers (Check with ReStore first) x
Dog food, bedding, accessories x
Door handles x
Doors (all but hollow core) x
Dryers x x
DVDs x x x
DVDs & Cases (for art) x
Electronics - see specific items
Fabric x x x x
Film Canisters & Reels x
Foam Pieces & Punch Outs x
Furniture x x x
Game Pieces x
Games x x x
Gas Stove x
Gasket Scraps x
Gift Boxes x
Greeting Cards x
Hardware x
Heater x
Hinges x
Household goods x x x
Jewelry x x x old jewelry
Jewelry Findings (components) x
Kitchenware x x x
Lamps x x x
Linens x x x
Lumber x
Magnets x
Maps x
Markers x
Matte Board Scraps x
Mesh Produce Bags  x
Metal Lids x
Microwaves x x
Motorcycles x
Mowers x
Nails (new) x
Oatmeal Cans & Lids x
Office supplies x x x
Packing materials x
Packing peanuts x
Paint (usable) - check with store first x
Paper x
Pencils x
Pet food, bedding, accessories x
Phone Wires x
Phone, cell
Photographs, old x
Picture Frames x x x x
Picture in frame x x x
Plastic bags (for use by store - check if needed) x
Plastic peanuts x
Postcards x
Posters x
Pringles Cans & Lids x
Printers x
Printing Supplies x
Purses x x x
Puzzle Pieces x
Radios x x x
Record players x x
Refrigerators x x
Ribbon x x x x
Rubber Stamps & Inks x
Scrap PVC Pipes x
Screws x
Sequins x
Shoes x x x
Silverware x x x x
Spools & Spindles x
Sports equipment x x x
Stereos x x x
Stove, electric x x x
Stoves x
Stuffed animals x x x
Styrofoam x
Suitcases & bags x x x
Tissue Paper x
Tools (hand tools) x x x x
Tools (small power tools) x x x
Tools, lawn & garden x
Totes x x x
Towels, etc. x x x
Toys x x x
Tubing x
TVs - Color x
TVs - HDTV Flat-panel (no rear-projection HDTVs) x
Vacuum cleaners x x x
VCRs x
Vellum x
Video tapes x
Washing machines x x
Windows x
Wire - Colored Plastic Coating x
X-Rays x
Yarn  x x x x
Zippers  x
*Will recycle if not saleable
**Also library book sales, AAUW book sale in Toledo
***Contact the local National Public Radio station. Toledo: WGTE 91.3 FM (419) 380-4600.
Information is based on charity web sites. Updated April 2017.