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Broadmead Friends celebrating Claire's 98th birthday

2019 Donna 80th birthday 1-6-19 cropped (103K)
Donna and Judy at Donna's 80th birthday party (2019)

St. Francis Spirituality Center in Tiffin, where we hold our annual retreats

St Francis Spirituality Center 2 (82K)

St Francis Spirituality Center (77K)

Video on YouTube by young Friends interviewing Claire. Finished in 2019.
click here

2017 Bill Greenberg birthday cropped (1525K)
Bill on his birthday with Judy (2017)

2015 Photos

2015 Claire + Mott children Dec (1260K)
Claire with Mott children

Broadmead Friends 2015 (300K)

Broadmead Friends in Toledo 2015

Video on youtube made by meeting children interviewing Rilma in 2013
with background music by Mathilda Navias
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2013 at 577 too (226K)
Fun in 2013

Retreat2011Cropped (76K)
2011 Retreat at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in Tiffin

Dec 2011 Toledo Activity (23K)
December 2011 in Toledo

2010 Retreat at Lourdes
2010 Retreat at Lourdes

2008 Rilma at 92 (32K)
A little celebration with Rilma on her 98th birthday (2008)

2007 Photos

Janet (44K)


2007 Evan (43K)Evan 2007 Mary cropped (92K)Mary

2007 Potluck at 577 Foundation (79K)
Potluck at 577 Foundation

August 2007

It said so right on her birthday cake, and we know the digits are right!

Rilma and seven members of the Rilma Fan Club showed up for an impromptu pot luck celebration at the Greenberg's. It was a fun and instructive evening, with Rilma sharing several memories of interesting times with Quakers and a memorable affidavit of a time when she was arrested in the Pentagon for reading with five other AFSC members from a list of American soldiers killed in the Vietnam War.

We in the Toledo group feel so blessed to have Rilma's keen, thoughtful and loving spirit helping to light our local community. Such a strong, joyful Friend! Her motto is "Let the hours be full of wonder, that the days may be full of joy."

Rilma92 (32K)

August 2007
Teeny Tiny Farewell
Strange Happenings in the Toledo Worship Group

Sarah and Kate love little things and Betsy prefers packing small things, so when they were about to move away the Quaker "grownups" thought it might be seemly to have a teeny tiny farewell party. So these more or less weighty folks collected teeny tiny do-dads - petoskey stones and charms and miniature books and measuring tapes - and put them in teeny tiny paper bags with the children's names on them.

And someone made a teeny tiny chest of drawers from small matchboxes and contact paper and paper fasteners, and put a teeny tiny quote from George Fox and a teeny tiny do-dad in each teeny tiny drawer. And someone else made an incredibly lovely not totally teeny tiny but truly fabulous quilt with beautiful fabric envelopes of varied colors and patterns meticulously sewn, and these sedate grownup Quakers sewed trinkets on the truly fabulous quilt, and put messages and shark's teeth and poems in the pockets.

And these dignified and mature Quaker grownups collected teeny tiny tea sets and made teeny tiny cloth napkins and made teeny tiny PB and J sandwiches and teeny tiny cheesecakes and cookies and brought teeny tiny cream puffs and teeny tiny chocolate eclairs to put on the teeny tiny plates, and brought lemonade and Grandma Heritage's iced tea to put in the teeny tiny teapots and pour into the teeny tiny teacups.

And someone wrote a story about a teeny tiny First Day School in which the stars were required to take bows and the story ended that all the children and the parents and the other grownup Quakers would always, always, always have a teeny tiny place in each other's hearts.

And then! Because the weather was strange, and the art fair people might need the cottage at noon, the clerk of all the Quakers said maybe we should end worship fifteen minutes early to have enough time for the teeny tiny farewell party!!!! And so it happened!

And the story was read, and the First Day School stars did some very fancy, splendid bows. And the children gave out some lovely teeny tiny stars they had made in First Day School, and sang the song about how the starlight's within us and we have to keep it shining brightly so our hearts will be free.

And the teeny tiny plates and teacups and napkins and sandwiches and all the sweets and teapots with the lemonade and Grandma Heritage's iced tea were set up on a table, but the First Day School kids sat on the floor in a corner, and set their teeny tiny repast out on a lovely green and white checkered cloth, and had a teeny tiny tea party and were seen to be smiling even more than a teeny tiny bit.

And the parents and the other Quaker grownups sat at the table as befitted nonfrivolous grownups who ponder important things, and ate their teeny tiny repast from their teeny tiny plates and teeny tiny cups and saucers and were seen to be smiling and giggling even more than a teeny tiny bit.

And someone passed around a communal cup of "green tea" for the grownups and children to enjoy, which turned out to be a pretty teacup with a green golf tee in it. And some sort of teeny tiny Quakerly snorkles were heard.

And then Sarah and Kate and Betsy looked in their teeny tiny bags at their teeny tiny do-dads, and there was even a teeny tiny bag for Evan and one for Gabe and one for Gabe to take home to Jessie who was sick with a cold, and one to put in the cupboard for Joel when he came back to First Day School. And everybody seemed very pleased and happy with the teeny tiny things, and the teeny tiny chest of drawers, and the not quite so teeny tiny but truly fabulous quilt with the trinkets and notes and shark's teeth. And Betsy tried to hide it, but she was seen to shed a few teeny tiny tears.

And then there was a teeny tiny flurry as all the teeny tiny things were cleared up and washed and put away and the teeny tiny First Day School kids and the very mature grownup Quakers kept nibbling teeny tiny leftovers and scurried around to be ready to leave by noon. And there was a teeny tiny bit of smiling and laughing and hugging and lumps in throats and goodbying. And then the teeny tiny farewell party was over and all the kids and the parents and the other grownup Quakers went out into the world to see what was going to happen next.

After a Quaker Meeting like that, you never know.

Broadmead Friends 2006 retreat (51K)

2006 Retreat at Girl Scout Camp in Lima

2005 Retreat at Girl Scout Camp in Lima

Diane&SarkaRetreat05 (824K)
Diane and Sarka

Jim&TomRetreat05 (340K)
Jim & Tom

DianeGabriel&MaryRetreat05 (657K)
Diane, Gabriel, & Mary

2005 Retreat Judy (6K)
2005 Retreat Mary (18K)
JonRetreat05 (102K)
2005 Retreat Charlie (193K)
2005 Retreat Joe Davis cropped (155K)

2005 Retreat upside down (573K)
Upside Down

2005 Retreat Mathilda SusanJeffers Sally Jon (118K)
Mathilda, Susan Jeffers, Sally, Jon

2005 Retreat Sarka Diane Tom Sally (291K)
Sarka, Diane, Tom, Sally

Retreat (429K)
Girl Scout Camp in Lima we used for our annual retreat for many years

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