Agate Passage Friends Meeting
Travel Minute - Evan Welkin

7 May 2005


    We commend to you Evan Welkin.  He is traveling on a project commissioned by The Clarence and Lilly Pickett Fund for Quaker Leadership.  He describes the project thusly:  "I plan to travel from Florida to Maine up the Eastern seaboard visiting Quaker meetings. ... In the interest of building a greater understanding between Quakers of all theological persuasions, I would like to explore how regional cultural differences affect the theological culture of individual monthly meetings.  I hope to find commonalities that transcend national generalities.  As a side project, I also plan to prepare a presentation comparing meeting house architecture with theological beliefs by visiting a wide range of Quaker meetings."

    He is under our care as he makes this journey.  He will be reporting to us as well as the Pickett Fund.  We are excited by his spiritual growth and his growth in Quaker Leadership.  He writes, "I would like this trip to be an opportunity for me to learn and teach about common spiritual threads that I am sure I will discover at diverse Monthly Meetings."

    Evan is a third generation Friend in the North Pacific Yearly Meeting.  Friends in this Yearly Meeting, along with Intermountain Yearly Meeting and Pacific Yearly Meeting, are sometimes called Western Independent Quakers.  Our heritage comes from Joel and Hannah Bean, and from their granddaughter and her husband Anna and Howard Brinton.  As you may know, for many years Howard Brinton was Director of Pendle Hill Conference and Retreat Center near Philadelphia .

    Come visit us when you are in the Seattle area.  If you attend the Friends General Conference Gathering of Friends at nearby Pacific Lutheran University on July 1 - 6, 2006, take a few more days to explore the Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan Islands, the North Cascades, and the Columbia River Gorge near Portland , Oregon .  There are Friends to welcome you.

  In Friendship,

Michael Moore, Clerk
[email protected]