Minute on Torture and Abuse of Prisoners

Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends, Quakers


Approved August 2, 2005


Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends abhors the abuse of prisoners of any classification, in any place. We call upon all governments and combatants both to declare their rejection of abuse and torture and to adhere strictly to the conventions for the humane treatment of all detainees.


We are also deeply dismayed by reports that our own government in recent years has acted in ways that legitimate such practices and make of them an example to others.


We are grateful for the prophetic voices that have called for an end to these practices, and we regret that there are not many more. We urge Friends everywhere to find ways to take up such a witness, by public education and organized effort. Iii particular, we join Friends World Committee for Consultation, and other meetings in endorsing the call by Friend John Calvi of New England Yearly Meeting for a Quaker Conference to seek ways that Friends can work actively for an end to torture everywhere.