Minute adopted by Friends United Meeting Triennial Sessions
 in Nairobi today,
Sunday, July 14, 2002

Minute to FUM Triennial Session from the Interest Group on the Middle East.

Members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) representing 29 Yearly Meetings from eight countries meeting in Triennial Sessions of Friends United Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, are conscious of the absence of our Palestinian Quaker brothers and sisters.

 Owing to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, they have not been able to join us in our rich fellowship in the Spirit. As we have experienced the loss of their presence we are reminded of the devastating impact of the conflict on all people in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories and wish to extend our deepest concern and desire for peace. We feel helpless in the face of the complexities of the situation but know that we can reach out in Christian love to our sisters and brothers in Christ in the region. 

The belief among some Christians that unquestioning support for current Israeli policies might hasten Christís Second Coming is doing grievous harm to possibilities for peace, justice, and the application of  international law, and has especially impacted the Palestinian Christian community remaining in the area. Christís purpose is that all might have life and live it more abundantly. 

We reject as contrary to the Good News a focus on the Second Coming which denies this life to others. We call on member meetings and churches in FUM to demonstrate in a tangible way their love, accompaniment, and concern. One way to do this is to pray for individual Christian congregations and write to them in expression of our solidarity and support.

We recommend that FUM, in consultation with Christian communions in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, provide contact information for Friends. We ask FUM to join with other Christian bodies, the Christian Peacemaker Teams, and the World Council of Churches, to find ways together to work for peace, justice, and reconciliation.