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Last year (2002) Agate Passage Worship Group participated in two projects 
in Libreville, Gabon. 

Gabon is on the west coast of central Africa. It was a part of French 
Equatorial Africa until independence in 1960. Albert Schweitzer 
established a hospital in 1913 in Lambarene on the bank of the
River Ogooue. While riding in a canoe on this river in 1913 that Dr.
Schweitzer received the idea of "Reverence for Life". "Reverence for Life"
included animal life as well as human life and can be honestly extended to
biotic integrity.

One project was to pay for tuition, uniform, and school supplies for
Laurene as she started middle school. Laurene's parents are poor and she
has one leg slightly shorter than the other. We have also provided a pair
of good leather shoes which ease the pain she gets while participating in
physical education activities and in getting to school and back Another
project was for a different family to pay for school supplies for four
children who attended elementary school. Their mother, Amelie, has AIDS.

This year the first project continues as Laurene advances one grade. She was
an attentive student through the year. This year the second project is 
changed as one of the four children is starting middle school, Marieme. She
needs the tuition, uniform, and school supplies similar to Laurene.

The two girls and their families are known by my daughter Lin who has
attended this worship group several times over the last 10 years. Lin
graduated from Whittier College in Los Angeles County with honors in
mathematics. She then joined the Peace Corps which sent her to Gabon. She
is now teaching math and science at the middle school level at the American
International School which is affiliated with the US Embassy. She and two
other former Peace Corps Volunteers own and operate the American Institute
for Mastering English, which teaches English as a Second Language.

Both girls attend College Bisseau which is a Catholic secondary school in
Libreville. All public and private schools are funded in part by the
government. All the teachers in both the public and private schools, are
government employees. The cost to the family for secondary education is
about the same in either the public or private school.

The total for both girls is $500 for this school year. They greatly
appreciated your gifts to them this year. We will soon have letters from
them. I expect to bring back pictures when Christie and I return from our
Christmas trip to Africa.

In Friendship,
Michael Moore
[email protected]