About Quakerism

“Quakerism”, a shorthand term for the faith and practice of the Religious Society of Friends, is a way of worshipping and serving God.

Friends believe that God is a living Spirit with a will that can be known through silent worship, expectant waiting, and corporate discernment. All people everywhere – regardless of their religious belief or doubts, their cultural backgrounds, their race, age, or gender – have access to and Inward Light: the Light that, according to the Gospel of John, “enlightens everyone who comes into the world.” We believe that all who are willing to receive this Light will be guided into what the Psalmist David called “paths of righteousness”: love, justice, peace, and care for the natural world.

We find it vital to worship together in gathered Meetings. This we do by assembling in silence and waiting for the moving of God’s Spirit, which sometimes leads one or another to speak or sing or pray.

We also try to keep our individual lives in harmony with our faith, and to encourage each other in doing so. At times this means going against the grain of the surrounding culture: embracing simplicity instead of consumerism, peace instead of militarism, inclusion and dialogue rather than exclusion and discrimination.

We welcome any who may want to worship with us.