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We are an open, inclusive, and welcoming fellowship for everyone. We are without formal doctrine, dogma or creed. We believe that direct experience with God is available to all people, without any mediation (e.g. through a pastor, or through sacraments). Friends have often expressed this belief by referring to "that of God in Everyone", "inner light", or "the spirit of Christ within". Quakerism has always placed a great emphasis on the Inner Light as a source of inspiration. Friends believe that scripture is the word of God as interpreted by each person individually. Each Friend must interpret it for his or her self in the light of the same Spirit through which they consider it to have been written.

Quakerism is often termed a mystical religion, but it differs from other mystical religions important ways. First, Quaker mysticism is primarily group-oriented rather than focused on the individual. The unprogrammed Quaker meeting may be considered an expression of that group mysticism.

Second, Quaker mysticism includes a strong emphasis on its outwardly directed activism. Rather than seeking withdrawal from the world, the Quaker mystic translates his or her mysticism into action. Action, in turn, leads to greater spiritual understanding — both by individuals and by the Meeting as a whole. Quakers refer to calls of the Spirit to do some particular act as a Leading. In the process, the Spirit manifests itself in new ways and informs the mysticism of the Meeting community.

We practice what is called an 'unprogrammed' meeting for worship. We have no priest or pastor, nor is there a formal program of events. We worship in expectant silence, broken only by messages from those who feel themselves called to share an experience, thought, or belief that they believe is divinely inspired and will deepen and enrich the worship. We have no paid staff, nor do we have a paid, formal position occupied by a member of the clergy. However, we have ministers; each one of us is a minister. We minister to each other. Some faiths have no clergy, we like to say we have no laity.

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     The Isolated Friends "Quaker" Worship Group web site is committed to providing the widest and fairest possible dissemination of information believed to be of interest or concern to our members. 

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