Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting  
Poplar Ridge, NY

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First Day Messages

Each First Day, the pastoral vocal ministry is offered by Friends whom the Meeting has asked to serve in this capacity. Archived pastoral reflections are collected here.

Date Title


2018/07/01 Faithful to Truth, Open to Leadings A.T. Miller
2018/06/03 Keeping Close to Love and Light A.T. Miller
2018/05/06 Navigating New Paths/Transitions A.T. Miller
2018/04/08 On Seeing That of God in Each Other Christopher Sammond
2018/03/11 The Devine Image A.T. MIller
2018/02/11 Evolution Sunday A.T. Miller
2018/02/04 Walking Upon the Earth Claire Howard
2018/01/14 No Man Is an Island Dill Otis
2018/01/07 As Way Opens A.T. Miller
2017/12/03 Out of the Darkness A.T. Miller
2017/11/12 Preserving That of God A.T. Miller
2017/11/05 Love, and the call to Love Christopher Sammond
2017/09/10 Forgiveness and Forgiving A.T. Miller
2017/08/13 God Saw That It Was Good Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2017/08/06 Risking Peace A.T. Miller
2017/07/09 Fire, Freedom, and the Possibility of America Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2017/07/02 Transformation and Hope A.T. Miller
2017/06/11 The Law, the Prophets, Seasons and Stones Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2017/06/04 The Simplicity of Testimony A.T. Miller
2017/05/21 Simplicity in Life and Society Andy Simkin
2017/05/14 Motherís Day - As a Hen Gathers Her Brood Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2017/05/07 Infinity of Spirit A.T. Miller
2017/04/13 Easter Sunday - Then a Miracle Occurs: To Woo Loss Into Song Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2017/04/09 My Purgatory Julie Lockhart
2017/04/02 Seeking and Being Found A.T. Miller
2017/03/19 The Golden Rule and the Balance Between Light and Dark Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2017/03/12 Serenity Sermon Craig Kukuk
2017/03/05 The Long Haul A.T. Miller
2017/02/12 It is Good Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2017/02/05 Love and Truth A.T. Miller
2017/01/15 Yes, We Can and Ode to Joy Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2017/01/08 Otis Redding Howard Nelson
2017/01/01 Everything Old is New Again A.T. Miller
2016/12/18 Christmas Jim Burkett
2016/12/11 Oh Holy Night, Oh Night Divine Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/12/04 Grounding and Rising A.T. Miller
2016/11/06 The Far Horizon A.T. Miller
2016/11/04 Strangers, Stones, Water, Fire Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/10/23 This Little Clod of Earth That I Am Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/10/09 Across a Great Divide Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/10/02 Starting Points A.T. Miller
2016/09/11 The Writing on Our Hearts A.T. Miller


The Fullness of Time Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/08/14 Jesus and The God of Possibility Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/08/07 The Rock on Which We Stand A.T. Miller
2016/07/24 Chaos and Comfort A.T. Miller
2016/07/03 The Weak, The Least, The Dependent Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/06/12 Doubt and Belief, Wounds and Wonder Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/06/03 Dispelling Despair as Friends A.T. Miller
2016/05/08 All Creation Groans Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/05/01 All Possibilities, All Time, All Love A.T. Miller
2016/04/10 Praise What Comes: The Inescapable God Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/04/04 Part of the Process of God A.T. Miller
2016/03/27 Easter Sunday - Practice Resurrection Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/03/13 Lent and Positive Disintegration: Dying and Being Born Again Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/03/06 Experiencing the Divine A.T. Miller
2016/02/14 Darwin Sunday David A.V. Eckhardt
2016/02/07 Penitence and Potential A.T. Miller
2016/01/17 Now. Look Here. Melinda Grube
2016/01/11 God of Rest Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2016/01/03 Epiphany and Transformation A.T. Miller
2015/12/13 Being and Becoming Human, Awaiting Emmanuel Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/12/06 Saving Darkness, Saving Light A.T. Miller
2015/11/08 Falling Leaves, Mighty Deeds, and Boats to Carry Us Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/11/01 The Continuing Reformation A.T. Miller
2015/10/18 On the value of foolishness Freddy Simkin
2015/10/11 Telling The Truth Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/10/03 Not Sinners, Not Saints A.T. Miller
2015/09/13 Holding in the Light A.T. Miller
2015/09/06 This is the Day that the Lord Has Made Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/08/09 Call and Response A.T. Miller
2015/08/02 Stillness and Action Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/07/12 One Common Interest A.T. Miller
2015/07/05 Independence Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/06/14 The Continuous Joy of Revelation A.T. Miller
2015/06/07 Accepting the Cup Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/05/10 Bringing Justice and Peace to Birth A.T. Miller
2015/05/03 Behold this Compost Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/04/19 Sermon The Heart of Courage Melinda Grube
2015/04/12 What Is Unbreakable Rises in Us Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/04/05 Still Rising A.T. Miller
2015/03/29 'The Colt and the King', a children's message for Palm Sunday Scott Lochart
2015/03/15 Evolution Sunday Howard Nelson
2015/03/08 Journey of Lent Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/03/01 Where God is Alive ("Forebearers" by Birago Diop) A.T. Miller
2015/02//08 The Great Love Story Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/02/01 Pieces and the Whole

A.T. Miller

2015/01/18 A Village in France Anne Dalton
2015/01/11 Holy Breathing Rebecca Sue Nellenback
2015/01/04 Epiphany and Resolution A.T. Miller