Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership

Past Grantees

Beginning in 1994 to the present (2016) 131 individuals have been offered grants from the earnings of the Pickett Endowment, a portion of which is invested with the Friends Fiduciary Corporation. The individuals below have been recipients of grants ranging from $500 to $3000.

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2016 Grantees - TOP

Karen Gregorio nominated by Beth Collea under care of Iglesia Amigos de Santidad Colonia San Francisco. Project: Apprenticeship to Learn How to Train Latin American Friends to Use Godly Play and Faith & Play.

Hannah Kunde nominated by Elijah Walker under care of North Valley Friends/Oregon. Project: targets Spanish-speakers and those in the migrant community in Newberg, OR. Aims to start a language exchange class where native Spanish and English speakers have the opportunity to both learn and teach each othersí language.

Jonatan Pinto nominated by Karla Moran under care of Evangelical Friends Church-Guatemala Yearly Meeting. Project: Start a music ministry giving music lessons to Latino underprivileged children to Latino Friends churches in the Midwest.

Jade Souza nominated by Drew Elizarde-Miller under care of Reedwood Friends/Oregon. Project: Ministry exchange in Cuba to participate in service work with Cuba Yearly Meeting and other local Quaker projects, learn about the work of Friends in the Cuban context, and improve her Spanish language and understanding of Cuban culture.

Julia Thompson nominated by Ann Pellegrino under care of Lafayette Friends/Indiana. Project: Partner with the Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) in Berkeley, CA., an interfaith organization supporting homeless youth by providing green art jobs training. Planning, organizing, and helping in the construction of an outdoor communal gathering place.

Rosemary Ventura nominated by Chloe Tucker under care of Madison Monthly Meeting, Haverford College. Project: Support work in San Marcos, Nicaragua at Los Quinchos, a residential rehabilitation center for street kids with traumatic backgrounds in drug addiction, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse and trafficking.

Elijah Walker nominated by Christina Repoley under care of West Hills Friends/Oregon. Project: Internship through the Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) Alumni Program serving West Hills Friends.

Nicole Williford nominated by Jamie Johnson under care of Newburg Friends/Oregon. Project: Create a body of artwork that displays the emotional experiences of members of NWYM over the past year with the purpose of recognizing and celebrating the humanity of the subjects in the hope of helping begin a journey back towards unity.

Nick Wright nominated by Shan Cretin under care of Casa de los Amigos/Mexico City. Project: Research and write a book about Casa de los Amigos. The book will serve as a first-rate organizing and fundraising tool for the Casa, helping it to further and expand its work, as well as bring new people into this Friends peace organization.

2015 Grantees - TOP

Getry Agizah nominated by Eden Grace under care of Friends United Meeting. Project: Support for Kenyan reconciliation peace program.

Mary Craudereuff nominated by Kaye Edwards under care of Beacon Hill Friends Meeting. Project: explore Quaker leadership via interviews with Quakers currently in leadership positions.

Anna Fritz nominated by Kathy Dahik under care of Multnomah Monthly Meeting. Project: Support for a music tour of Friends meetings including original songs related to Quaker testimonies.

John Pattison nominated by Robert Henry under care of Silverton Friends Meeting. Project: Support for pilot project among churches in Northwest Yearly Meeting focusing on how monthly meetings can connect holistically with their neighborhoods.

Nahara Saballos nominated by Chloe Tucker under care of ProNica. Project: Internship promoting healthy living among women of Nicaragua; promotion of alternatives to violence.

Alexandra Ulin nominated by Deanna Boyd under care of Midcoast Monthly Meeting. Project: Support for internship with Womenís Foundation in Nepal involving a range of community series with women and children.

Justin Wright nominated by Patricia Finley under care of Westtown Monthly Meeting. Project: Development of a replicable workshop for New England Yearly Meeting designed to assist women and people of color in finding a job.

2014 Grantees - TOP

Thomas Clement nominated by Max Carter under care of Guilford College Quaker Leadership Scholars Program. Project: Creation of a video documentary related to an investigative reporting involving conflict over the building of hydroelectric dams in the northern region of Sikkim, the 26th state of India.

Jana Llewellyn nominated by Kristin Simmons under care of Old Haverford Monthly Meeting Project: Support for The First Day, a print magazine and online blog, designed to celebrate individual spiritual journeys from all faith traditions designed to foster inter-faith discussion as well as capture the beauty, simplicity, and depth of Quaker worship.

Laura MacNorlin nominated by Waman French, under care of Atlanta Friends Meeting. Project: Form curriculum based in Quaker practices, spirituality, history, and testimonies to benefit Friends School of Atlanta (FSA), pre-K to eighth grade.

Mimi Marstaller nominated by Daphne Clement under care of Durham Friends Meeting. Project: Pastoral intern Durham Friends Meeting fulfilling a leading to explore Quaker ministry and study Quakerism.

Liz Nicholson nominated by Christina Repoley, under care of Atlanta Friends Meeting. Project: Service learning trip to Israel/Palestine.

Sandy Robson nominated by Merilee Janssen, under care of Stony Run Friends Meeting Project: Creation and performance of a CD album (Parts and Labor) designed to engage others on the topic of economic justice. The CD features stories from people from different walks of life.

Jennifer Seif nominated by Robert Scott Miller, under care of Grand Rapids Friends Meeting. Project: Apprenticeship in midwifery with goal of using skills in community service organization that will assist rural and small-town residents who lack access to women's health services.

Michael Sherman nominated by Stephanie Crumley-Effinger, under care of Raysville Friends Meeting. Project: Creation of a blog or book using TED talks as a hook for connecting non-religious thinking from the broader world to biblical texts for use in the Sunday School class setting.

2013 Grantees - TOP

Allison Duncan nominated by Chloe Tucker; under care of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Project: training program to increase diversity in the BYM camp counseling program.

Eric Guidon nominated by Neil Snarr; under care of Wilmington Yearly Meeting. Project: plan and lead educational programming for each of the Quaker Knoll 2013 camps focused on Outdoor Education/Recreation and Arts.

Laura Hopps nominated by Melissa Ajabshi; under care of ProNica. Project: conduct research investigating organizations in Nicaragua and Costa Rica implementing food security programs and climate change adaptation strategies.

Clare Hyre nominated by Max Carter; under care of Arch Street Meeting. Project: educate the city of Philadelphia about the vast potential of rooftop urban growing, build community, ease food insecurity in the city.

Janelle Linder nominated by Linda Linder; under care of Canton First Friends. Project: service project team member with Malone University visiting Kenyan Friends.

Kirsten Mandala nominated by Gabrielle Bailey; under care of Chatham-Summit Monthly Meeting. Project: assist with and visit workshops and programming led by local Quaker groups carrying out reconciliation and/or healing work in the African Great Lakes Region.

Drew Miller nominated by Jamie Johnson; under care of George Fox University. Project: internship this summer with Eagleís Wings Ministry, a non-profit in Newberg, Oregon, serving Native Americans.

Madeline Schaefer nominated by Greg Woods; under care of West Philadelphia Worship Group. Project: document the radical experiment and dedication to the Quaker Testimonies by young people involved in the Movement for a New Society (MNS).

Ashley Wilcox nominated by Lloyd Lee Wilson; under care of Freedom Friends Church. Project: leadership of a workshop at the 2013 FGC Gathering in Greeley, CO, called "Convergent Friends: Worship and Conversation.

2012 Grantees - TOP

Julie Barber nominated by Jack Harris. Under care of Malone University. Project: service learning experience with ecumenical monastery in Taizé, France

Cathy Barney nominated by Barbara Napier. Under care of Cincinnati Friends Meeting. Project: Developing an artistic experience to nurture under-served children; sharing her book Turtlebox Stories: Nurturing the Divine Within.

Anna Boggess nominated by Emily Higgs. Under care of Haverford College. Project: Friend in Residence at the Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City

Emma Condori-Mamani nominated by Joshua Brown. Under care of West Richmond Meeting. Project: research and write a book about Quakers in Bolivia

Samantha Griggs nominated by Emily Higgs. Under care of Swarthmore Monthly Meeting. Project: leadership activities with Young Adult Friends Leadership Institute (YAFLI) initiative.

Kathy Hyzy nominated by Jessica Bucciarelli. Under care of Western Friend. Project: soliciting and editing of essays for a book tentatively titled “An Inner Strength: Stories of Leadership in the Religious Society of Friends.

Jon Kershner nominated by Ben Pink Dandelion. Under care of North Seattle Friends Church. Project: travel and teaching a class about John Woolman at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Center.

Kathy Karhnak-Glasby nominated by Bruce Birchard. Under care of Central Philadelphia Meeting. Project: Building a religious education consortium among four Yearly Meetings. Collaborating to Support Quaker Religious Education

Heather Von Bodungen nominated by Max Carter. Under care of Friends Center/Guilford College. Project: compile an art booklet in memory and honor of art professor, David Newton donating profit from sales to help fund a David C. Newton grant with the Art Students League of NY.

Silas Wanjala nominated by Lonnie Valentine. Under care of West Richmond Friends Meeting. Project travel and speaking on the theme of peacemaking in Kenya.

2011 Grantees - TOP

Rania Campbell-Cobb: Nominated by Sarah Cushman. Under care of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends. Project: develop community vegetable garden serving low income and disabled residents of Quaker Guild House East.

Matthew Graville: Nominated by Ann Stever. Under care of Friends Meeting of Washington, D.C. Project: plan/initiate facilitator training for those interesting in leading clearness committees.

Olivia Grugan: Nominated by Cheryl Mitchell. Under care of Middlebury Friends Meeting (Vermont). Project: plan and initiate Community Table events in her hometown that promote awareness of poverty and food issues.

Kelsey McNicholas: Nominated by Max Carter. Under care of Friends Center/Guilford College. Project: work with the humanitarian aid organization, No More Deaths in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.

Sarah Moon: Nominated by Richard Grossman. Under care of West Falmouth Meeting (Maryland). Project: assist New York Loves Mountains, an environmental advocacy organization, seeking to end mountaintop removal in NY state.

Karla Moran: Nominated by Michael Jay. Under care of Indianapolis 2nd Friends Meeting. Project: interview ethnic immigrant groups affiliating with Quakers; explore what are their needs and how, why and when they came to the U.S.

Nicholas Rozard: Nominated by Nadine Hoover. Under care of Friends Peace Teams. Project: develop ceramic water filters in Indonesia.

2010 Grantees - TOP

Barry Crossno: Nominated by Lynda McCluer. Under care of Dallas Monthly Meeting of Friends, Dallas, TX. Barry's project involves stimulation of outreach among Quakers via creation of a collaboration website and a workshop to be held August 4-8, 2010 at Pendle Hill.

Noah Baker Merrill: Nominated by John Calvi. Under care of of Putney Monthly Meeting/New England Yearly Meeting. Grant supports Noah's desire to promote and educate Quakers about inter-visitation and traveling ministry.

Stephen Dotson: Nominated by Liz Yeats. Under care of Goose Creek Monthly Meeting/Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Stephen hopes to stimulate the resurgence of the Student Christian Movement/USA and involvement of young Quakers in the ecumenical movement.

Franklin Crump: Nominated by Mike Clark. Under care of Perry City Monthly Meeting/New York Yearly Meeting. The grant supports Franklin's involvement as an intern in the Young Friends in Residence Program/Powell House; he will assist in managing a youth program for youth grades 6-9.

Natalie Braun: Nominated by Chris DeRoller. Under care of Old Chatham Monthly Meeting/New York Yearly Meeting. The grant supports Natalie's involvement as an intern in the Young Friends in Residence Program/Powell House; she will assist in managing a youth program for youth grades 6-9.

Anna Obermayer: Nominated by Elizabeth Gordon. Under care of Binghampton Monthly Meeting/New York Yearly Meeting. The grant supports Anna's involvement as an intern in the Young Friends in Residence Program/Powell House; she will assist in managing a youth program for youth grades 6-9.

Chris Moore-Backman: Nominated by David Hartsough. Under care of San Francisco Monthly Meeting. Chris's project, Operation Nonviolent LIfe, a workshop event that is to be taken on the road to various locales.

William Berry: Nominated by Deborah Shaw. Under care of Friends Center/Guilford College. Grant will be used to support a service trip to Ramallah, Palestine.

Tyler Hampton: Nominated by Craig Fox. Under care of Detroit Monthly Meeting. Grant will support Tyler's desire to investigate how local meetings of Friends may be more welcoming and accesible to those in Detroit's inner city. One specific project is the development of a community garden for the benefit of low income residents.

2009 Grantees - TOP

Fedelma McKenna: Nominated by Max Carter. Under care of Storrs Meeting (CT). Fedelma will apply what she has learned from community training in Alternatives to Violence Programs in the U.S. (as well as experiences in Guatemala and Columbia) and hopefully contribute to the innovative and vibrant cross-cultural peace building and conflict resolution among the people of Palestine's West Bank.

Abbey Pratt Harrington: Nominated by Neil Snarr. Home meeting: Athens Friends Meeting (OH). Under care of Isaac Harvey Fund Committee/Wilmington College. The project involves research on Barbara Reynolds, founder of the Peace Resource Center in Japan. Abbey will interview Hiroshima maidens and others who were part of the peace movement and who knew Barbara.

Lauren Bauman: Nominated by Stephanie Crumley-Effinger. Under care of Germantown Monthly Meeting (PA). Lauren plans to research a number of programs, both Quaker and non Quaker, that provide short-term service programs with the goal understanding the organizational structure, best practices and methods of service education. Ultimately, she would like to use this information to develop more short-term service programs specifically for Quakers.

Katie Terrell: Nominated by Stephanie Crumley-Effinger. Home meeting: Fairview Monthly Meeting (OH). Under care of Friends United Meeting. Katie's project involves research of FUM history to learn more about the creation of Quaker Life magazine as a merger of The American Friend and The Christian Worker. The results of her research will be published in a 2010 commemorative issue of Quaker Life celebrating its 50 years of existence as a vital part of FUM.

2008 Grantees - TOP

Marcy Summers: Nominated by Suzanna Leigh. Under care of Vashon Worship Group, Vashon Island, WA. Marcy's project involves leadership of a community based conservation effort in Tompotika, Indonesia where she trains and teaches participants how to reach their goals.

Wess Daniels: Nominated by Ben Pink Dandelion. Under care of Barberton Friends, Ohio. Wess' project involved leading a workshop at the annual Friends Association of Higher Education meeting held this past June at the Woodbrooke Study Center, Birmingham, England. The topic of his session was "Convergent Friends."

Sarah Cushman: Nominated by Dee Kelsey. Under care of Portland Maine Monthly Meeting. Sarah's project involves facilitating development of Portland Green Streets, a Greater Portland conservation organization, which she serves as a volunteer.

Emily Higgs: Nominated by Helene Pollock. Under care of Haverford Friends Meeting. Emily's project involves facilitation of nonviolent conflict resolution and reconciliation workshops in Rwanda with Friends Peace House.

Micah Bales: Nominated by Stephanie Crumley-Effinger. Under care of Heartland Friends Meeting, Wichita, KS. Micah's project involves a vision to create and strengthen connections among Friends, especially Young Friends, across, cultural, regional and theological backgrounds.

Sarah Mandolang: Nominated by Pamela Haines. Under care of Alfred Monthly Meeting, Alfred, NY. Sarah's project included involvement with three groups in Rwanda and Uganda: Friendly Folk Dancers, Alternatives to Violence, and African Great Lakes Initiative—all with goal of promoting peace and nonviolence.

Jamara Knight: Nominated by Richard Johnson. Under care of Bear Creek Meeting, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative). Jamara's project involves photography workshops with Tanzanian children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

2007 Grantees - TOP

Jan Grauman-Neander: Nominated by Joy Newall. Under care of Mid-Island Allowed Meeting/Fern St. Meeting, British Columbia. Market research and education to assist Mayan subsistence farmers in Guatemala.

Parker Hoar: Nominated by Helene Pollock. Under care of Mt. Toby Monthly Meeting (MA). Assist in community recovery and rebuilding after natural disasters through designing low-cost safer and healthier homes.

Evelyn Jadin: Nominated by Max Carter. Under care of Friends Meeting of Washington, D.C. Spiritual pilgrimage worshipping with British Friends and visiting historical sites.

Cherice Bock: Nominated by Bruce Bishop. Under care of Newberg Friends Church (OR) Pastoral intern specializing in community building among young adults through small groups focused on social justice and peacemaking.

Molly Sheehan: Nominated by Melanie Douty. Under care of Gwynned Meeting (PA). Working in Rwanda with the Children of Hope program.

2006 Grantees - TOP

Danielle Brown: Nominatetd by Darrin Allen. Under care of North Carolina Yearly Meeting. Served as a NCYM intern coordinating youth groups coming to work at the Alabama Mowa Choctaw Friends Academy.

Anna Staab: Nominated by Bridget Moix. Under care of Purchase Monthly Meeting (NY). Video documentary of the Powell House Reunion held July 13-16, 2006.

Jonathan Watts: Nominated by Max Carter. Under care of the Guilford College Quaker Leadership Scholars Program and Richmond (VA) Meeting. Organized a coalition of artists that focuses on making available distinctly Quaker music.

Kathryn Lum: Nominated by Janet Anderson. Under care of Lund Monthly Meeting (Sweden). Engaged in a service project in Punjab, India, centered on Sikh women in their sturggle for spiritual equality within their faith.

Keevy Harris: Nominated by Darrin Allen. Under care of Cedar Sqaure Friends Meeting (NC). Worked with the Mowa Choctaw community in McIntosh, AL.

Joseph Shamala Mmbere: Nominated by Bridget Moix. Under care of Kakamega Friends Church (Kenya). Promoted participation of young Kenyans in the Young Quaker’s Christian Association Triennial Sessions held in Rwanda December 13-17, 2006.

2005 Grantees - TOP

Holly Baldwin: Nominated by Carolyn Miller. Under care of Midcoast Monthy Meeting, Camden, ME. Participating in the World Gathering of Young Friends in England.

Aja Bryant: Nominated by Mary Ellen McNish. Under care of Newton Monthly Meeting, PA. Participating in the World Gathering of Young Friends in England.

Anna K. Crumley-Effinger: Nominated by Louise Beede. Under care of West Richmond Monthly Meeting, Richmond, IN. WGYF and Work Camps with Friends in Africa.

Christina H. Freeman: Nominated by Helene Pollock. Under care of Wilmington Monthly Meeting, Wilmington, DE. Developing a collaborative photography and journaling project among youth of Xilitila, Mexico.

Martin Kelley: Nominated by Bruce Birchard. Under care of Atlantic City Area Monthly Meeting, NJ. Developing an independent online publication for older Young Friends.

Dorsche Pinsky: Nominated by Max Carter. Under care of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, PA. Working with economically challenged residents of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Christina Repoley: Nominated by Louise E. Harris. Under care of Charlotte Monthly Meeting, NC. Working for justice as a Quaker representative on the Young Adult Advisory Board of the National Farm Worker Ministry.

Katie Walsh: Nominated by Allyson Nagle. Under care of Willoughby Hills Friends Church, OH. Participating in Malone College Service Learning trip to Dominican Republic.

Evan Welkin: Nominated by Max Carter. Under care of Agate Passage Monthly Meeting, Poulsbo, WA. Traveling among Eastern Seaboard Quaker Meetings to build understanding.

2004 Grantees - TOP

Gregory Woods: Nominated by Elizabeth Mertie. Under care of Columbia Friends Meeting/MO. Project Lockota.

Adam Waxman: Nominated by Max Carter. Under care of QLSP Meeting for Worship.

Breeze Luetke-Stahlman: Nominated by Penn Valley Monthly Meeting. Under care of 57th Street Meeting/Chicago. Internship Chicago Public Radio.

Rachel Phillips: Nominated by Seve Baumgartner. Under care of Settle Monthly Meeting/UK. World Gathering of Young Friends.

Jessica Owens: Nominated by Ric Garrison. Under care of LeGrand Friends Meeting/IA. Youth Ministry Internship Program Development.

Anna Brown: Nominated by Jerry Reisig and Lori Hiningex. Under care of Morningside Monthly Meeting/NY. Investigation of international and national resource management policy effects on conflict resolution/Lower Mekong River area

2003 Grantees - TOP

Ben Waxman: Nominated by Jack Malinowski. Under care of Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting. Summer work with Unite for Peace.

Lauren Mitchell: Nominated by Max Carter. Under care of Asheville Friends Meeting. Planning committee involvement for the 2005 World Gathering of Young Friends.

Brynne Howard: Nominated by D.J. Newlin. Under care of Des Moines Valley Friends. Internship with Des Moines, Iowa, ASFC office.

Julian OReilly: Nominated by Steve Baumgartner. Under care of Twin Cities Friends Meeting. Experimentation in using an arts program to enhance interracial and intercultural communication.

Sarah Kaufman: Nominated by Helene Pollock. Under care of Germantown Monthly Meeting. Observation of Quaker education in Bolivia.

Kirsten Bohl: Nominated by Patrick Nugent. Under care of Durham Monthly Meeting. Doing a general representative survey of Friends views of homosexuality for possible publication.

2002 Grantees - TOP

Elizabeth Baltero, Greensboro, N.C.: Nominated by Max Carter. Under auspices of the Quaker United Nations Office she is leading peace and volunteer projects in Italy.

Cory Godbey, Mission, Texas: Nominated by 1999 grantee David Byrne. Will be doing faith ministry in Saltillo. Mexico, under aegis of Mid-America Yearly Meeting.

Katherine Graves, Georgetown, Kentucky: Nominated by Carrie Stith Webster. Through personal contacts in Russia she will collaborate with young orphan children's professionals and assist in making orphanages there, and elsewhere, better places.

Rachel McQual, Waterloo, Toronto. Canada: Nominated by Ellen Helmuth. Is being enabled to participate in FUM youth work camp in July in connection with FUM Triennial in Kenya.

Andrew Peterson, Denver. Colorado: (presently a Haverford student) Nominated by Helene Pollock. Picketts fund matches a Haverford grant supporting his conflict resolution work in El Salvador.

Julia Ryberg, Swartbacken. Sweden: Nominated by Kersten Backman and Lars Longueville. Requires subsidy to complete Earlham School of Religion extension courses to qualify for a leadership career in Sweden Yearly Meeting.

Laura Smoot, Haverford, Pennsylvania: Nominated by Ralph Caldwell. Pickett assistance enables her to be a summer intern with youth arts programs of the Village of Arts and Humanities in North Philadelphia.

Kyle Stevens, New Castle, Indiana: Nominated by Ronn Oren. Under care of his church, youth ministers, and Indiana Yearly Meeting, he begins serving (at age 17) a youth pastoral internship at the Wabash, Indiana Friends Church.

2001 Grantees - TOP

Michael Arnold, West Grove, N.C. is seeking to establish a local Friends Center at Snow Camp, N.C. This facility will serve fourteen meetings within a 25-mile radius, variously affiliated with FUM, FGC. Conservative, EFC and Independent.

Vanessa Julye, Philadelphia, PA., is doing an active ministry to help Friends be more welcoming to people of color and plans to participate in the United Nations World Conference Against Racism (and related issues) in Durban, South Africa. After the conference, she will do writing and otherwise share her experiences throughout America.

Candace Kugel and Ed Zuroweste, Chambersburg, PA., trained nurse and family doctor, are designing and developing healthcare programs in rural Honduras that in turn will enhance the cultural competence of international health care providers in the U.S. This family team already has had extensive travel and volunteer service experience in Central America.

Paula Palmer, Boulder, CO., is the director of an already existing organization, Global Response, and seeks to develop a global network of young people and youth organizations to do letter-writing campaigns for environmental protection and indigenous rights.

Nikki Coffey-Tousley, Durham, NC., will participate in an "Experiment with Light," a movement among British Friends for recovering worship and discernment as practiced among early Friends. While at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Center in England, she will interview Friends in depth about their understanding of how Christian worship relates to social action in today's world.

2000 Grantees - TOP

Bridget Moix, member of New York's 15th Street Meeting--nominated by Joe Volk. Bridget is completing a masters program at Columbia, and has served as a legislative associate with Friends Committee on National Legislation. She is currently interning part-time at the World Policy Institute and plans to seek a career in a Quaker service agency. Bridget's Pickett Fund project will involve organizing a women's peacemaking group.

Kathleen Paulmier, member of Germantown Meeting--nominated by Jack Malinowski.Kathleen teaches Quakerism at Germantown Friends School where she seeks to involve students in the larger community. Her Pickett Fund project will involve the production of a video about meeting for worship using interviews and children's art and music.

Julia Pantoga, member of Milwaukee Meeting--nominated by Judith Jager. Julia is affiliated with the Quaker Voluntary Service and Witness Network. Her Pickett Fund project involves the publication of current Quaker Service Opportunities.

Marcelle Martin, co-clerk of Newtown Square Meeting, nominated by Michael Wajda.Marcelle has been a community activist in the Philadelphia area. Her Pickett Fund project involves writing a book about the transforming power of a direct relationship with God, especially among women.

Dinova Uvalle-Vasques, affiliated with meetings in Cuidad Victoria, Mexico, and West Elkton, Ohio--nominated by Nancy Maeder (a 1998 Pickett Fund grantee).Dinova is a third-generation Mexican Friend (alumna of Earlham School of Religion) who expects to serve in Friends ministry. At present she is leader of the Latino Culture Center (Amigos) in Richmond, Indiana, where approximately 1200 new Latino residents urgently require assistance. Her Pickett Fund project will involve providing this assistance.

1999 Grantees - TOP

Sean Crane--active participant at Media Monthly Meeting (Pennsylvania Yearly Meeting) to assist his work related to restorative justice.

Eden Grace--member of Beacon Hill Meeting (New England Yearly Meeting) to assist in her service as a delegate from Friends United Meeting to the 8th Assembly of the World Council of Churches.

Chris Parker--member of Cambridge Monthly Meeting (New England Yearly Meeting) to assist in his desire to create a service program offering full-time service placement with community organizations.

David Byrne--active participant of Friendswood Monthly Meeting (MidAmerica Yearly Meeting) to assist in the development of a leadership training program designed to aid Hispanic ministers.

1998 Grantees - TOP

Harold Confer: Leader in the Friend's workcamp movement of the nineties. Recently led volunteer work to rebuild burned churches in the South. A member of Adelphi Meeting, Baltimore Yearly Meeting.

Allyn Dynes: Teacher in Ramallah Friends School and writing a textbook on conflict resolution. Member of Northwest Yearly Meeting and Ramallah Friends Meeting.

Alex Kern: Teacher at Moorestown Friends School representing Friends as a steward at the 8th Assembly of the World Council of Churches meeting in Zimbabwe. He's effectively committed to religious ecumenicity. Member of Friends Meeting of Washington, D.C.

Nancy Maeder: Friend in residence at the Ramallah Schools. Through teaching and action she will "encourage and support Friends' spiritual witness." Member of Woolson Friends Meeting, Iowa Yearly Meeting.

Susannah McCandless: In the summer of 1998 she brought two Monteverde-related campesinos to study Vermont's Intervale Farm. In conjunction with a Fulbright grant she will spend six months in Costa Rica studying sustainable agriculture and empowering landless farmers to buy land and to farm ecologically. Member of Burlington, Vermont Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting.

Deborah Shaw: Assistant Director of the Guilford College Friends Center overseeing the spiritual development of over 40 Quaker students. She will travel to England and Scotland to "walk in the footsteps of early Quaker women ministers, dating to 1652." Member of Friendship Friends Meeting, North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative).

1997 Grantees - TOP

Mia Carter, member of New Garden meeting in Greensboro--nominated by Richard Conto. The Pickett grant funded an internship with the Richmond Peace Education Center.

Andrea White, member of Fellowship of Friends in Chicago--nominated by Steve and Marlene Pedigo. The Pickett grant funded a day camp for 25 school-age children living in the inner city Cabrini-Green housing area served by Chicago Fellowship of Friends.

Laura Melly, member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting--nominated by Margaret Hart Harrison. The Pickett Grant assisted Laura's collaboration with various Friends organizations in opening volunteer and leadership opportunities for young adult Friends

1996 Grantees - TOP

Arden Buck was assisted in his work to develop an acoustical device for detecting buried land mines. Arden is a member of Boulder Meeting (Colorado).

Daniel Rouse developed a series of workshops and convocations specifically for Germantown Friends School centered on service as learning." Daniel is a member of Germantown Friends (Pennsylvania).

Aaron Fowler took a leave of absence from teaching to give full time to develop Hope Street Productions which specializes in seminars and special programs which teach children goal setting and problem solving skills. Aaron is a member of Northridge Friends (MidAmerica Yearly Meeting).

1995 Grantees - TOP

Stan Becker engaged four U.S. yearly meetings and one Latin America yearly meeting in discussion of population concerns. Stan is a member of Homewood Meeting (Baltimore) and teaches in the School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins.

Herb Walters worked with Religion and Diversity Project to increase communication and understanding in area churches concerning the issue of homosexuality. Herb is a member of Celo Meeting (North Carolina).

Chandra Woolson sought to examine and experience Quakerism down under in New Zealand with emphasis on the impact of isolation of the meetings. She also produced a photographic essay on meeting house architecture. Chandra is a member of Fredonia Monthly Meeting (New York).

1994 Grantees - TOP

Sunu Chandy spent a year in her ancestral country of India to continue the work of Trivandrum (abode of friends) in Kerala which supports the ongoing struggle against oppression, discrimination and exploitation of women. Sunu is a member of Chicago Monthly Meeting and a 1994 honor graduate of Earlham College.