Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership

Guidelines & Expectations

Guidelines for the Monthly Meeting or Church:

We ask that the applicant seek his/her meeting's support for the project in order to provide a base of spiritual support and accountability. All Pickett Endowment grant awards must be administered by a Quaker meeting/church (or if more appropriate, a recognized Quaker organization).

We encourage the Quaker meeting/church to assign a committee or person to provide support for the grantee throughout the duration of the project.

Guidelines for the Applicant/Grantee:

We ask each recipient to participate in the Pickett Endowment Grantee Blog during the course of the project (normally 3-6 months) and provide a final report of expenditures to the Pickett trusties by January 15th of the following year. The grantee may ask for an extension if the project is not completed by January 15th.

The Pickett Endowment Grantee Blog ( gives grantees the opportunity to be aware of the other grantees and their projects. Pickett Endowment trustees enjoy reading how the project is unfolding for each grantee. Of particular interest to Pickett Trustees are personal reflections indicating the ways the project is contributing to the grantee's sense of personal growth, the challenges the project has presented and how these challenges have been worked through.

We urge you to acknowledge the Pickett Endowment in any presentation or written materials related to the project, and we encourage you to share information about the Pickett Endowment with others.

We may on occasion invite grantees to optional events or seek your input for overall evaluation.

Please direct any questions to the Pickett Endowment Coordinator:

Mike Moyer <>
William Penn University
201 Trueblood Ave
Oskaloosa, IA 52577

Contact at: 641.673.1085