Care for a Virtual Visit?

The Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh
4836 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Map to Meeting House

We're in an old mansion in Shadyside near Oakland, University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Meeting House Front

It's a beautiful old place with some interesting architecture.

Please scroll down to see more.

Meeting House Roof

Sign: War is Not the Answer

We don't think war is the answer to anything.


We have a beautiful backyard with a patio.

Front Porch

But back to the front porch. There is a sign out front. Here's a closer look. In case it doesn't show well, it reads:

"Religious Society of Friends
Pittsburgh Monthly Meeting
Meeting for Worship and
First Day School Sunday 10:30am
Early Meeting for Worship 9:00am
Friends Meeting House

SignAnd here is the front door.


Come on inside! You'll see something like this.

Welcome In! 


The front rooms are very airy with natural lighting. To your right is a stained-glass window and some literature racks.

Music in the Morning

Gather around the piano with us to play and sing.

Musical Crowd

It's very informal.

Welcome Newcomers!

Out front, you'll see a sign, Welcome Newcomers!

Name Tags

The name tags are in a rack.

Bulletin Board

There are bulletin boards showing kids' artwork.

Bulletin Board for Adults

Here is the Newcomers Table.


Come upstairs and check out Sunday School.

Children in Sunday School

We call it "First Day School" because it is on the First Day of the week.

More Sunday School

There are lots of activities.

Yard Work

The children do volunteer projects like planting or weeding.

End of Worship

This is the meeting room, just after Meeting for Worship.

Hospitality After Meeting 

We have a snack after Meeting. Sometimes on the back porch. Back to Top