The Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh
4836 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Map to Meeting House

Yes, we have paper. Here are some of the forms and resources used in meeting work.

Quaker Community Fund Short Form - Use QCF Short Form to apply for scholarships to attend FGC, LEYM, camps, or Fall Gathering.

Quaker Community Fund Long Form - Use QCF Long Form to apply for individual requests scholarships to conferences, workshops, or retreats.

Queries - Queries are questions we ask ourselves about our actions. Are we acting according to God's will? Queries serve to remind us how to behave as we live our daily lives. Pittsburgh Meeting has written its own queries.

Childcare Receipt - Notes on who watched children, their pay, and who paid. Please return this for Childcare and Treasurer records.

Children's Queries - An easier-to-understand form of our regular Queries.

Faith & Practice - Faith and Practice UPDATED 2018 are a form of bylaws. They describe our organization and procedures as we practice our faith.

Hospitality Instructions - We offer hospitality, usually light finger food plus coffee/tea/water/punch, after 10:30 worship and for other events sometimes scheduled. Volunteers do the work, and this explains what to do when and how.

Greeting Instructions, Greeting Instructions Outline - Volunteers greet at the front door, both to welcome people, and to help orient newcomers.

Reimbursement or In-Kind Donation Form - Fill out to indicate what you have given and whether you want to be reimbursed.

Welcome Brochure - An explanatory folder about what to expect from Pittsburgh Friends Meeting.