Events at Pittsburgh Friends Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh
4836 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Map to Meeting House

There are many events at Pittsburgh Friends Meeting. Here are a few of the recent ones.

Meeting Karaoke 

Meeting Karaoke "This guy's really friendly and nice with kids." That was the verdict on Curt Cool, DJ for the First Day School karaoke night January 21, 2012. Curt works as a professional DJ several nights a week. Among singers were the Bangleys, the Cohens, the Hollingsheads, the Rubels, the Atwell-Keisters, and of course organizers Eric Starbuck, Walter Mead, and Ian Samways. Music varied from Rolling in the Deep (Adele) to Truckin' (Grateful Dead) to Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel) to Masochism Tango (Tom Lehrer) to Volare (Dean Martin). Food was great for potluck. Roast chicken and several homemade vegetarian and other dishes. If you want to meet Curt, talk with Ian or Eric. Come to one of Curt's gigs. Eric said, "Karaoke is great fun! This is my 5th year singing it. I try new songs every week. There are always more songs! I think meeting singers Sunday mornings would agree that I have grown. "There is something very powerful in feeling a song 'click' and watching people's heads nod. I love it!"

The Rakers (and Others) Did It Again!

from the House Committee

Leaves bagged by volunteersThe Work Party on the afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 19, pulled together members of the House Committee and other valiant workers to accomplish the following tasks:




And here's where we acknowledge our House Manager, Tim Field, who provided the tools, the reminders, the instructions, and the overall support needed to accomplish the above-listed tasks.