Movies with a Conscience

Films suggested by Friends about the way we were: films showing the social passions of youth in times gone by.

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The Way We Were

* Bye Bye Blues
Canada, 1989, Drama, D: Anne Wheeler, Writer: Anne Wheeler
A woman from small-town Saskatchewan gets the chance to become a lead singer in a dance band during the Second World War. Her romance with a member of the band leads to a confrontation when her husband, from whom she had not heard since his capture, finally returns.

* Declin de l'empire americaine, Le
Canada, 1986, Comedy, D: Denys Arcand, 101 m
Four university teachers - a gay man and three heterosexual men (one married, one celibate, one with a girl friend) - gather at a cottage on a lake to prepare dinner for the four women who arrive later. The discussion turns around sex, the female body, their love lives, and the political passions of the 1960s. The women then have the mirror image of this dialogue.

* Graduate, The
USA, 1967, Comedy, D: Mike Nichols, Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Richard Dreyfuss, Anne Bancroft, 104 m
Benjamin, a recent college graduate, with no idea of what to do in life, falls into an affair with his boss's wife. When he winds up on a date with her daughter and falls for her, the mother's wrath erupts.

* Return of the Secaucus Seven, The
USA, 1980, Comedy, D: John Sayles, 110 m
A group of young anti-war protesters from the 1960s get together on the anniversary of their arrest - not for sitting in at a draft board, as was their plan, but for a traffic offence on the way to the protest.

* Way We Were, The
USA, 1973, Drama, D: Sydney Pollack, Stars: Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford, 118 m
The straight-arrow college guy falls for radical Katie in a romance that spans the 1930s and 40s in America.

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