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Friends in Nova Scotia join vigil

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - April 9, 1999

On Friday, April 9, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., a peace vigil regarding the NATO bombing in Serbia was held in front of the library in Halifax. There were many people at the vigil, folks from various groups, Halifax Friends, VOW, Student Union groups, Universalist/Unitarian church people, Wendy Lill (NDP Member of Parliament), and a woman who spoke about the antiwar groups from Belgrade (I believe her name was Marina), and others. (Personally I believe it was good to see people who have a variety of thoughts join together on the peace issue.)

It was a silent meeting with people speaking as they felt lead, Murial Duckworth, a Halifax Friend opened the vigil, I read the CFSC letter written to Jean Crétien requesting the stopping of NATO bombing, and there were others who felt led to speak. Betty Peterson, also a Halifax Friend, whom some of you may know spoke to end the vigil.

Perhaps these are small steps, yet still I am sure it is the hope of those present that small voices may eventually be heard.

- Carolyn Vaughan of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Friends Meeting

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