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More than 200 crowd church to hear different view on war

by Carl Stieren

On April 28, more than 200 people gathered to hear Canadian Senator Doug Roche's talk on "Kosovo: NATO or the UN" at the Unitarian Church on Cleary Ave. in Ottawa. Doug Roche argued that NATO's intervention contravenes international law, and that it should be the responsibility of the UN do deal with such things as persecution of minorities inside nation states.

Literature tables at the talk, sponsored by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, were crammed with announcements of vigils, demonstrations and actions being organized against the war.

Following Doug Roche's talk, the group saw Richard Sanders' video documentary, "Mothers' Day at the War Show", about the Ottawa Air Show, where in 1997 the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade set up a display of art by Iraqi children, showing the bombing of their villages. They are available for $25 Canadian, postpaid, from:

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
489 Metcalfe St.
K1S 3N7

Tel. (613) 231-3076

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