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Peaceweb's Web Conference: "Economics and Justice"


You can contribute to an online Peaceweb readers' conference on Economics and Justice.

Each message must be 100 words or less, and must be signed, with your name and city, state or province, and country.

Each message should be given in what Friends call a "loving spirit", which means, at minimum, a respect for others who are of a different opinion. In Internet language, it means that while you can disagree with others, Thou Shalt Not Flame.

We have only enough space for one message per person. Peaceweb is all volunteers. We hope to post all contributions which meet the above guidelines within 24 hours, but cannot promise always to meet this deadline.

This dialogue on Economics and Justice is being run as an experiment, for three months, from June 27, 1996 to September 27, 1996.

Last Post: 27 June 1996

Ed Bell Thu, 27 Jun 1996 09:38 | Ottawa Monthly Meeting, Canada

I liked the page on Economics. Including the quotes from the various Quakers shows the appreciation for the underlying basis of economic. Adding quotes from individual articles personalized the information and added interest.

Including some of the ecumenical endeavours also helped to generalize the concerns and gave credit to other religions and groups.The Faith Partners statement from the Ottawa religious groups also helped to show the local interest in the topic.

Keep up the good work

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