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Minute on the "Violent Effects of Economic Structures"

The 18th FWCC Triennial Meeting, wishing to support the concern of the Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA), Germany, Intermountain and Switzerland Yearly Meetings, on economic injustice and the suffering of the poor, encourages them to continue their activities.

In particular, this Triennial welcomes these efforts to help Friends worldwide to question the effect of economic injustice locally, nationally and internationally and to provide information and educational materials, so that the historic traditions of Quaker witness can be maintained on right sharing and stewardship.

We ask them to consult with other Yearly Meetings and to report the outcome of their activities at the 19th Triennial planned to be held in Britain in 1997.

Peaceweb / Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Ottawa Monthly Meeting, Canada - CS, 27 June 1996