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Calling All Canadians and Quebecois / Un appel aux canadien(ne)s et québéecois

What are the impressions of Quebec - and of Canada - held by Canadians and Québécois?

If you are so inspired, give us 200 words on your images of Quebec, or of Canada.

If you live in Canada, in Quebec, or on Native Land, what is your mental map of Quebec? What are the images, the memories, the hopes, the fears you have when you think of Quebec? We are looking for brief articles for our Web site, Peaceweb, the peace and social concerns site on the Internet published by the Ottawa Quaker meeting.

We're not looking for political speeches, newspaper editorials, or ideas for new laws or constitutions. We are looking to share our insights, our perceptions, and even our emotions in a non-threatening, non-confrontational environment.

We hope to have a significant proportion of contributions from Quebecois, people of the First Nations, and Quakers, but we welcome contributions from all those who live in Quebec or in any of the other Canadian provinces or territories.

We hope you will write in a spirit of outreach, of conciliation, of openness. But we want to hear the truth of your perceptions, even if the truth is painful.

Each contribution

If you feel inspired to write 200 words, send them by e-mail to Carl Stieren, Peaceweb Co-ordinator, at peaceweb@web.net

Le Peaceweb presente les trois côtés de la question: fédéraliste, souverainiste, et autochtone.
Peaceweb presents the three sides of the question: federalist, sovereignist, and First Nations.