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Peace with justice in a sovereign Quebec

by Jacques Lamarche
St-André Avellin, Québec

Born and bred in Montreal, I became a Canadian adult who has spent the last 25 years in a fascinating little village in the Ottawa valley.

Through democratic process, Quebec wishes to be sovereign at the end of the present century.

The Native People

We have negotiated in the past (1701) the Peace of Montreal with 1300 delegates of 30 Indian tribes of North America and endorse a Neutrality Treaty with the Mohawks. Quebec has initiated peaceful agreements with Attimateks, Innuits, Montagnais, even Mohawks who have their own Peacekeepers. The stupid avarice of a municipality for a golf course (1991) has created the Oka Crisis. In a sovereign Quebec, with her own Supreme Court, we will renew our traditions of negotiated peace. No longer will Native People be confined, through the federal Indian Act, in arbitrary Reserves, begging subsidies from the State.


Quebec embassies will concentrate their efforts on the countries of la francophonie and maintain their relations with other international communities. All immigrants, before leaving, will be aware, they are coming in a French country. Once in Quebec, they will receive help for their integration, work and respect of their culture. Immigrants who prefer to live in English have the whole of Canada at their disposal.


They already have their schools, universities and hospitals with their own boards of administration. They have created many excellent private institutions who will carry on, without interference of the government. Quebec has her official language as does Germany, Italy, France or England; this fact has never prevented those who do not master the language to live and prosper while enriching the country’s official language. All Quebec citizens will enjoy the use of their passports; the owners of other passports will be welcomed. Welfare, family allowance or pension cheques will be issued by Quebec’s government for the same purposes of the previous Canadian cheques. The French advertising does not prohibit the use of other languages for promotions, sales, menus or services.

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