Pendle Hill Pamphlet 291, 1980
Prayer in the Contemporary World BookedPDF
Douglas V. Steere

Douglas Steere writes: "I have always believed that interior prayer is to religion what original research is to science. These thirty personal messages that move across the web of prayer-interweaving the unlimited liability that marks genuine commitment, the dimensions of a vital ecumenism, and the interior gathering that is nurtured by corporate worship-were all written at the close of Vatican Council II, when I lay in my bed at Haverford recovering from blood poisoning. Originally designed to be used as a month's preparation for the World Day of Prayer, they almost wrote themselves, and still seem undated enough to justify republication."

Each short prayer is preceded by a brief introduction touching on a life which has been deeply affected by the need for prayer. Join with Douglas Steere as he explains "What Prayer Is," and "What Is Going On in the Universe?" Listen as Douglas finds that "God Speaks Where We Are Wounded," that "God Speaks in the Plateaus," that "God Speaks in Books," and certainly that "God Speaks Through Friends."

"If there is one phrase that can sweep together the whole ethical message of the Gospels, it might well be the "unlimited liability" which we bear for our fellow human beings in this world. To be sure, this is grounded on the Gospel message that each person, no matter what his weakness, is of equal worth in the sight of God, but it goes further and lays this unlimited liability upon us." Learn from the eyes of Douglas Steere what the "Lord doth require of thee."