Buddhist Quakers

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Current Google News about Friends
Our diversity is a strength that nourishes us all.
Pagan Quakers

Quaker Pagans: Yahoo! Discussion group

Cat's Quaker Pagan Page: Articles, essays, and personal reflections on life as a Quaker Pagan.

Laura Salmonstone, "Both Quaker and Pagan."  Article in the WitchVox Community Essay Series

Stasa's Quaker Pagan Middle East Peace Witness: Stasa's letter to family and F/friends
Conservative Christian Quakers

Conservative Quakers, part 1. (Video)
Conservative Quakers, part 2. (Video)
Nontheist Quakers

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Jewish Quakers

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Liberal Christian Quakers

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Universalist Quakers

Cat's Quaker Universalist Web Ring
"This webring is for Quakers who are comfortable with the broad spectrum of religious backgrounds and spiritual values implied by the Quaker recognition of universalism. We welcome those whose experience within the Friends is a little outside the norm: Quaker Buddhists, gay Quakers, Quaker Pagans, and others are welcomed here."