Northampton Preparative Meeting

Sanchez-Eppler Travelling Minute

November 14, 1993
Ramon Gonzalez-Longoria, Presidente
Junta Anual de la Iglesia de los Amigos (Cuaqueros) en Cuba
Avenida Libertad No. 110
Puerto Padre, Las Tunas

Dear Friends from all the Monthly Meetings of Cuba Yearly Meeting:

Our valued member, Benigno Sanchez-Eppler, has felt a call to travel in the ministry to Cuba. This call has come as a result of his work with New England Yearly Meeting's Puente de Amigos committee, and is in part at the request of that committee.

Benigno has met with a clearness committee of our meeting, who found unity with him on the clarity of his spiritual leading to work among Cuban Friends. They recommended the following minute, which was approved by Northampton Preparative Meeting at its meeting for business on November 14, 1993, and forwarded to Mt. Toby Monthly Meeting for action on November 18, 1993:

Northampton Preparative meeting unites with the call of our beloved member Benigno Sanchez-Eppler (born Benigno Ramon Sanchez Ulloa) to travel in the ministry to Cuba with a concern to carry New England's love to Cuban Friends, that we may learn from each other and support each other in following God's leading in our (in human sight) different ways. We have ourselves experienced Benigno's love and good judgment, and we commend him to our sisters and brothers in Cuba.

We rejoice in this opportunity to send you our love. We are confident that you will welcome Benigno, and we look forward to receiving news of you through him on his return.

Yours in the Spirit,

Bruce Hawkins, Clerk of Northampton Preparative Meeting

Mary Link, Clerk of Mt. Toby Monthly Meeting