Project Lakota
Project Lakota
Under the care of St. Louis Monthly Meeting

Photo: On the way to workcamp
Greg Woods, Candy Boyd, and Michael & Maya Suffern
on the way to the AFSC-IMYM work camp in August 2000.
Maya, Candy, and Greg later founded Project Lakota.

After attending a workshop on the Pine Ridge Reservation during the summer of 2000, three Friends founded Project Lakota.

Statement of Leading
Project Lakota will promote relations between Lakota people and F/friends. This will include supporting housing, land, tatankah (bison), ceremonies, and other appropriate activities.

Latest Funding Appeal
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If you feel led to donate, send your check to:
Project Lakota
c/o Diana Pascoe-Chavez
7429 Brunswick
St. Louis MO 63119

Write the Check to St. Louis Meeting and put Project Lakota in the memo line.

Contact Info: Candy Boyd (candyboydwrite©, 314-623-7829, and Greg Woods (woodsgr©, 765-994-6113