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March 3, 2001 Update

The four members of the Burundi Team are at the Quaker Peace Center in South Africa for the second month of their training. All reports I have received indicate that the training is going very well, although For the three young men the amount of material they are receiving is difficult to fully digest in such a short period of time. Hopefully Carolyn will be able to reinforce aspects of the training when the Team is back in Burundi. They are scheduled to arrive in Kigali on April 1 where they will meet the members of the AVP-Rwanda Team and two members of that Team, Ray Boucher and Peter Yeomans, will travel with them to Burundi for an extra week. At the end of February the four members of the AVP-Rwanda Team from the United States met in Gaithersburg for two days of in-service training before they left on Feb. 26. The Team carried three medical kits of seventy pounds each donated by the Material Aids Program of the AFSC and destined for Kibimba Hospital in Burundi. The only e-mails I have received at this time indicate that the Team arrived in Rwanda without difficulty. Only two, Joseph Semate and George Walumoli, of thethree Ugandans scheduled to arrive on Feb. 27 did so since Juliet Nanomo missed the bus from Kampala to Kigali--the reason is unknown at this time. They started the first two AVP workshops on March 1. Clearly bynext month there will be much more to report. Please keep this Team in your thoughts and prayers throughout the month as they initiate this important peacemaking program in Rwanda.


David Zarembka
Coordinator, African Great Lakes Initiative


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