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SPRING, 2002: Volume 7, Issue 1


  • PC compatible laptop and desktop computers
    We need one desktop and four laptops. If you are able to get nearly new computers, we could upgrade 2 other laptops and 2 desktops.
  • Other office equipment—especially in the BYM area.
  • Digital cameras
  • Airline miles/free tickets Staff and Coordinating Committee members attend a number of out-of-town meetings annually. If you can donate a roundtrip ticket, it would save $300-500.
  • Representatives to Friends Churches and Monthly Meetings Represent FPT to your Meeting or Church, distribute PTNs and other information and help get FPT an annual contribution.
  • At-Large members of the Coordinating Committee and others to serve on FPT ‘s working committees.
  • Underwriters for Peace Teams News

For more information, contact Val in the FPT office.

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