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SPRING, 2002: Volume 7, Issue 1

Call To Join Quaker Delegation to the Middle East

July 25 - August 8

A small delegation of Quakers, sponsored by Christian Peacemaker Teams, will travel to the Middle East July 25 to August 6, 2002 to act as independent international observers, meet and work with Israeli and Palestinian Peace and Justice groups, meet and hear the stories of Palestinians living under Israeli Occupation, and engage in public witness or nonviolent direct action on behalf of lasting peace in the region. The delegation will divide its time between Ramallah at the Ramallah Friends Schools and Hebron where the permanent CPT presence is established, with visits to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Mustafa Barghouthi, President of the Palestinian Medical Relief Committees and Director of the Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute in Ramallah, says: “Palestinians have been asking for an international protection force to monitor events in the region for months. The US has twice vetoed a United Nations resolution asking for this. Ten months ago, Palestinians began their own grassroots movement of international protection. Since then, delegations from a number of European countries, as well as Canada and the United States, have witnessed to and monitored the situation on the ground reporting the reality to their home countries.” Be a part of this urgent work on behalf of Middle East peace!

Please respond by June 1, 2002

For information and applications:
Bill and Genie Durland,
tel. 719-846-7480

Christian Peacemaker Teams,
Box 6508, Chicago, IL 60680-6508,
Tel. 312-455-1199,
Fax. 312-432-1213,

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