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FALL, 2000: Volume 5 Issue 3

FPTPís African Great Lakes Initiative Plans AVP-Rwanda Project

At AGLIís successful February, 2000, co-facilitation with AVP-Uganda, three Rwanda Quakers joined the Ugandans for two of the introductory AVP workshops. After this experience they requested AGLI help bring AVP to Rwanda. This project has been broken down into three phases:

Phase I: February/March, 2001 Four experienced AVP facilitators, two from AVP-Uganda and two international Team Members, will facilitate a total of 9 AVP workshops in various parts of Rwanda. These will include 6 basic workshops, 2 advanced workshops, and one training-for-trainers. Two people each from Burundi and eastern Congo will also attend some of these workshops. An organizational structure for AVP-Rwanda will also be organized.

Phase II: April through September, 2001 Those Rwandan AVP facilitators who took the training-for-facilitator workshop will conduct ten basic AVP workshops during this period. One of the Uganda AVP facilitators will return who will help lead the first four workshops.

Phase III: November, 2001 Two Ugandan/international facilitators will return to Rwanda to jointly lead two more advanced level workshops and two training-for-facilitators. There will also be consultation on the development of the AVP-Rwanda organization and exploration of future sources of funding.

AVP Facilitators Needed for AGLIís AVP-Rwanda Project

AVP-Rwanda: Introducing the Alternatives to Violence Project to Rwanda.

Two experienced, international AVP facilitators are needed for five weeks in February/March,2001, to work with two facilitators from AVP-Uganda to conduct six basic, two advanced and one training-for-facilitators. Facilitators will also help advise Rwandan AVPers on setting up an AVP organization in Rwanda. Help with fundraising is expected. This is the first phase of a three phase project. Knowledge of French and experience in Africa helpful. Contact David Zarembka at 7785 Alicia Court, Maplewood, MO 63143, phone and fax at 314/645-0336, e-mail at for a copy of the proposal and an application (due October 14).