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FALL, 2000: Volume 5 Issue 3

The Burundi Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Center Will Begin This Fall by David Zarembka, Coordinator

All the pieces seem to be in place for the October 1 beginning of the Burundi Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Center which the Friends Peace Teams Project’s African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI) is developing in partnership with Burundi Yearly Meeting of Friends. For the Peace Team of four members, AGLI has chosen Brad Allen, 26, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Carolyn Keys, 58, of Montclair, New Jersey [see On Discerning a Leading]. They will be joined by the two people selected by Burundi Yearly Meeting, Charles Berahino and Adrien Niyongabo, both young Burundian Quakers. Burundi Yearly Meeting has appointed Cassilde Ntamamiro to supervise the Center — she is a student at the Great Lakes Theological College and as a nurse worked for nineteen years with the Burundi Ministry of Health on their family planning program.

On October 1, the two international Team Members will arrive in Burundi to begin a three month introduction to the language, culture, politics and life of Burundi with the two Burundian Team Members as their guides. Then on December 10 the Team will travel to South Africa and attend Central and Southern Africa Yearly Meeting for a week. After the holidays finish, they will study trauma healing and reconciliation in South Africa for three months. This training may be done at the Quaker Peace Center in Capetown. Then about April 1, they will return to Burundi to initiate the Burundi Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Center.

We ask you to keep this tremendously difficult and challenging venture in your thoughts and prayers. On our side we will keep you informed of developments in subsequent issues of Peace Team News.

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