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SUMMER, 1999: Volume 4 Issue 2

From the Editor

This issue has not been easy to put together—I received only two of the articles I requested people to write, and had to come up with most of the other copy myself. So I will repeat the request I have made earlier—if you know of a project where people are working together to make peace in a situation of violence, please let me know about their project. All the better if they are Quakers!.

We continue to move toward fielding a peace team in Africa, and that’s exciting. We search for a way to go further with our work there, and David Zarembka’s article gives us a metaphor for that search. At the same time, the failure of the peace movement to support nonviolent change in Kosov@ (see Note in Opinion) screams from the headlines daily. Violence has also failed to stop the genocidal ethnic cleansing of the province. As I write, this is the eighth week of bombing of Yugoslavia. Hundreds of thousands of Kosovars have been forced from their homes and several thousand killed. The necessity of finding another way of approaching serious injustice, even evil, seems more urgent than ever. David Hartsough, a cofounder of FPTP will have an excellent article in the July issue of Sojourners magazine about the missed opportunities for supporting the nonviolent movement in Kosov@. I suspect much of the rest of that issue will also touch upon this concern. I have also contributed my thoughts about it in an opinion piece.

Finally it seems like peacemaking tends to require attending a lot of meetings and reporting on them—so you’ll find these reports and updates in this issue. Just a reminder: we still need a laptop computer (PC compatible, 486 or higher, and 75mh or faster). The donation can be tax-deductible if desired. Please contact me at

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