A few faces of FLGBTQC

Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns is a North American Quaker faith community that affirms that of God in all people. Gathering twice yearly for worship and play, we draw sustenance from each other and from the Spirit for our work and life in the world. We are learning that radical inclusion and radical love bring further light to Quaker testimony and life. [More]

New Stuff

Newly added! An Epistle from the 2015 Midwinter Gathering held in Burlington, NJ

A listing of all of the Friend of the Court Briefs we have participated in as signatories.

Our Epistle sent to World Conference of Friends 2012


The next gathering where FLGBTQC will have a presence will be the 2018 FLGBTQC Midwinter Gathering February 16-19, 2018 near Austin, TX. Visit the gathering website for more information. All are welcome to attend.

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Outreach and Resources

We have an active email list, for all who have come to our Gatherings. Contact the Email List Manager for more information.

Our Newsletter is published roughly three times a year. It is received by 900 individuals and Meetings worldwide.

We have produced a Pamphlet about FLGBTQC and our work in the world.

We are collecting Marriage Minutes written by Quaker Meetings affirming same-sex Quaker marriages and other commitment ceremonies. If your Meeting has minuted support for same-sex Quaker marriages but you are not included on this list, please contact the Web Site Manager. These minutes have been included in amicus briefs for several court cases. We try to keep them as up-to-date as possible.

We are collecting Minutes that specifically welcome and affirm transgender people on a new page on our web site. We ask that minutes included on this page be primarily concerned with transgender inclusion. We are also collecting minutes that more generally affirm lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people and will be including a new page on our site for those affirmations. Please contact the Web Site Manager for more information.


FLGBTQC appreciates donations to support our community. We accept donations by mail.

This document summarizes some of the important elements of the Leading that shapes FLGBTQC and asks each of us to consider thoughtfully several ways to support the Leading -- including financial gifts. [PDF, DOC]

This document is a template you could adapt and use to ask your Meeting to consider supporting FLGBTQC. Many Meetings so approached are touched to be able to support an organization important to the spiritual journey of a member. [PDF, DOC]


We are in the process of updating our web site. While this is primarily a behind-the-scenes update to bring the code up to current standards, it would also be a great moment to add new content and features. If you have suggestions for how our web presence could be improved, please contact the Web Site Manager.