North Pacific Yearly Meeting Minute
(Annual Session 1998, Spokane, WA)

98-5-6 Actions on Concerns
North Pacific Yearly Meeting approved the following Environmental Minute: "Centered in that of God within us, we are moved to cherish and live in harmony with the earth, including all its inhabitants, and to conserve and rightly share its resources.” Friends also approved the attached Queries (Please see attachment 2), and setting up and informational network to facilitate effective actions in keeping with this minute.

North Pacific Yearly Meeting
Gonzaga University
18 July 1998
Plenary Session 5
Attachment 2

The approved Action:
Recognizing that Meetings and individuals will want to act in a variety of ways, North Pacific Yearly meeting will:

a. Establish a network of interested Friends to:

1. Share, exchange and publicize actions and ideas for meetings and individuals to carry out.

2. Provide resources and support for one another and our meetings.

3. Organize activities to accomplish these, and

b. Commend the following queries for Friends’ consideration during the coming year. Meetings are asked to report their responses to Steering Committee at its meeting in May 1999.

The attached Queries:

1. Do we seek to transform our daily lives to minimize consumption?

2. Do we strive to adopt attitudes and behaviors that increase our awareness of our interconnections with all things?

3. Do we look to the Divine for strength as we courageously face the grief and despair associated with confronting problems of this magnitude?

4. Do we daily remind ourselves of our connections with people, all living things, and all that sustains life in a way the brings joy, thankfulness and nourishment into our lives?

5. Do we seek guidance in the Light for ways that we may lead and participate in actions which both enable the healing of the Earth and inspire others regarding the urgency of this healing?

6. Do we seek to create the conditions of peace, such as the right sharing of the world’s resources among people everywhere?

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