Welcome to Eastside Friends Meeting

We are Quakers, part of the Religious Society of Friends. As Quakers, we are known for our peace testimony and our commitment to spirit-led action in the world. We believe there is that of God in every person, but have no formal theology or creed. Many of us have been drawn to Quakerism because of its dual commitment to spiritual awareness and to social action.

Our worship is “unprogrammed” meaning we do not have a minister or pastor to lead us. During worship, we sit quietly together, centering ourselves in the silence, listening. If a person is led by the Spirit to speak, that person may rise to share the message with everyone. We call this “vocal ministry” and we believe that each person in Meeting for Worship is able to speak truth to us. Our Meeting for Worship generally lasts about one hour.

Perhaps our approach to worship could be helpful and meaningful to you. We welcome you to join us for worship on Sunday at 10 AM. During a social time that follows, you are always welcome to ask questions or get more information about Eastside Friends Meeting. On the third and fourth Sundays of the month, social time is followed by a Second Hour adult education or intergenerational discussion of spiritual and social issues.

Children are welcome at Meeting for Worship. After the first 15 minutes, children may stay in the Meeting room, participate in First Day School, or childcare is provided for children of all ages.

If you identify as a young adult, perhaps you'd like to be connected to the young Quaker group for the Seattle area. Contact Paul Christiansen (godsflunky47@gmail.com) to get on the email list and get informed about our monthly potluck and other gatherings and activities. We'd love to have you!

For more information, view the video "An Introduction to Quakers".