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The Quaker Hero Story of Harry Bailey



From Harry I learned what conscientious objectors are.
["There are better ways to solve problems."]

(Artists: Maggie and Andrea)


It's dangerous but brave to object to going to war.
["You must fight." / "I will not fight."]

(Artist: Kylin)


When Harry objected to fighting a war, he went to a camp before jail.
["You have to go to camp, if you will not fight."]

(Artist: Grace)


At the camp, 80 men slept in one room.

(Artist: Katharine)


Harry checked water guages to measure rainfall.

(Artist: Mark)


It's cool there were rattlesnakes on the camp trails.

(Artist: Matt)


Harry and the other C.O.s objected to measuring rain
because they wanted to help the starving people.
["Medicine" / "Food and Clothes"]

(Artist: Ian)


So Harry went to jail and had a long trial and 3-year probation.

(Artist: Joel)


Lois, Harry's wife, had trouble getting a job because her husband was a C.O.

(Artists: Joel)


Now Harry and Lois teach children about following their conscience.
["Ok kids, see, if you follow your heart and spirit, everything will be just fine!"]

(Artist: Eric)