What to do with stuff you no longer need or want

Folks that sell or reuse donations | Info on sellers

Folks that recycle stuff | Info on recyclers

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If it's usable, check "Sellers"
See notes for each store on the Info-Recyclers page
$ = May pay you; $xx = Will charge you
ReCellOne Staples Best Buy Lowe's Home Depot Kroger
Appliances - see Electronics or specific items
Bags - see plastic bags
Batteries - Bluffton Town Hall, ground floor bins
Batteries, rechargeable x x
Books, no longer useful: some recycling centers, Olwen*
Cable/satellite receivers x
Calculators x x
Camcorders x
Cameras, digital x
CDs x
CD players x x
Computers & Accessories $ x x
Computer monitors x 25
Cooktops $100 Pickup*
Copiers (desktop) x x
Digital projectors x x x
Dishwashers $100 Pickup*
Dryers $100 Pickup*
DVD/Blu-ray players x x
Electronics - see specific items
eReaders x $ x
Fax machines (desktop) x
Freezers $100 Pickup*
Gaming devices x
GPS devices x
Headphones x
Ice Makers x $100 Pickup*
Ink/Toner Cartridges x x
iPods® / MP3 players $
Light bulbs, compact fluorescent x x
Ovens, wall $100 Pickup*
Phones, cell $ $ x x
Phones, cordless x
Phones, landline x
Plastic bags, all x
Plastic bags, dry cleaner x
Plastic grocery bags - Kroger, Target, Meijer x x
Printers (desktop) ? x x
Radios, 2-way x
Ranges/Stove and Range Hoods $100 Pickup*
Recorders x
Refrigerators $100 Pickup*
Shredders x
Shrink wrap - Kroger
Stereo receivers x
Tablets $ $
Tires -tire retailers (disposal) for a nominal fee
TiVO x
TV - Portable 25
TVs - also see ACCUSHRED, AIM, Best Buy, RECYCLE I.T. U.S.A
TV - Tube TVs smaller than 32" 25
TV Antennas x x
TVs - DirecTV set x
TVs - Flat Panel TVs: LCD, Plasma, LED smaller than 50" 25
Vacuums, robot x
Vacuums, stick x
Vacuums, upright/canister x
VCRs x
Washers $100 Pickup*
*Olwen will give books to Etcetera (Mennonite thrift store); if they can't sell them, they'll send to recycler.
$ = May pay you
$xx = Will charge you *Pickup fee $10 if replaced at Best Buy
Information is based on company web sites.
Updated April 2017.