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Folks that recycle stuff | Info on recyclers

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These companies' web sites say they recycle responsibly.
Best Buy Electronics. See chart for details.
Bins are inside the front door. For larger items, give to an employee or arrange for pickup.
Charges fee for certain items (marked on chart). Pickup fee for large items $100, or $10 if you buy replacement from Best Buy.
Limit three items per household per day.
Home Depot CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs)
Orange container by returns desk
Kroger All plastic bags, dry cleaning bags, shrink wrap
Bin inside front door
ReCellOne Computers & components, other electronics. "If it plugs into a wall, we'll take it."
6540 West Central Ave. Suite K, Toledo, Ohio
Very near the exit on Central from Rte 23/475. Be careful approaching as it's hard to look for the number and find the drive.
You can only approach Recell One going westbound. Enter their drive and go all the way around units to the back door with
a dumpster with a yellow sign saying ohiorecycles.com. You can also enter by turning Right on Wilford Rd. and Left at the first drive.
They say everything is recycled or reused, nothing ends up in a landfull, all data is removed, and nothing is shipped overseas.
Give to an employee. Bin outside door when they are not there.
9am - 5pm M-F
Staples Used ink cartridges, computers & components, electronics. See chart for details.
Give to an employee.
If you have a Staples card, you get credit for ink cartridges.
www.staples.com/sbd/cre/marketing/sustainability-center/recycling-services/ 4/17/17
Government & private recycling - Toledo area co.lucas.oh.us/DocumentCenter/Home/View/910
Good, comprehensive lists of materials and where to take them.
Web search for recycling search.earth911.com
Enter what you want to get rid of and your zip code.
Information is based on company web sites. Updated April 2017.