Agate Passage Friends
A Quaker Worship Group
Bainbridge Island, Washington

Meeting for Worship

    We welcome you warmly to share with us in seeking the riches of receptive silence.

        The silent hour is a time of waiting, of setting aside our usual patterns of thought, our analyzing, our worrying, and waiting patiently for a new kind of consciousness. Quakers have traditionally called this ‘The Light’. This is not easy to come by, but unspeakably rewarding.

        The Light may come as a new insight with regard to oneself, a deep sorrow for mistakes and wrong attitudes, a transformation of those attitudes, a sense of relief, of joy, of thankfulness, new courage to face difficult situations, power to obey the Light. 

        The Light in Quaker Meeting may lead people to feel they have insights that would help the Meeting. Each individual tries to express this briefly and clearly. After such “vocal ministry,” the group should have ample time to sink back into silent waiting before the silence is broken, if at all, during the rest of the Meeting. There is also the ministry of listening, of listening behind the words that are spoken, of holding up those words to the Light, to hear that of God in the speaker.

        Out of sitting still in the Light have come the Quaker testimonies for peace, simplicity, equality and community. From these testimonies, Quakers have become actively involved in social concerns such as prison reform, and human rights.

        Because we value the experience of worship, we want to share it with the children of the Meeting, who join us in the first ten minutes of worship. Then with an adult volunteer, they leave the worship room.

        At the end of the worship hour, someone will close Meeting by rising and the group will join hands around the circle. This will be followed by brief additional insights, introductions and announcements. Meeting is a time for an experience far more difficult, far more creative and more beneficial to ourselves and society than other experiences we may have.

Join us...


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